Mangaka Safe List

I wanted to post this here just quickly: supposedly put together by someone on LJ and currently making the rounds on twitter, there’s a google doc where you can check for which mangaka are safe and add the ones you have seen updating their blogs and twitter accounts and facebooks.


Please if you know of any mangaka who are not on the list, feel free to add them so their fans can have at least a slightly less heavy heart through this disaster. If you hear anything about Hirakita Yuya in particular. ;; Because she lives in Miyagi and hasn’t updated since the 11th when it sounded like she was evacuating after the first earthquake.

(Also, for those bitching and whining “damn weeaboos making this all about animoo and manga!1!!” you can stfu. It’s totally normal for people to be more worried about the people they admire as well as their friends—people whom they are more personally connected to. No one is saying the other lives lost are any less precious and important and terrible, and this isn’t about “oh no, if _______ dies they’ll never finish that manga I wanted to read!” It’s about being worried for the people you respect and adding a name and face to the horror you’re seeing on the television. So shove it.)

20 responses to “Mangaka Safe List”

    • ふう子 says :

      haha thank you, I’m just starting to get frustrated over people having a battle of the egos over how others are allowed to grieve. 8( There are much more important things to worry about at the moment.

  1. cheezy says :

    Thanks for spreading the list around. D: I’m very worried about Hirakita Yuya too. I hope sensei’s all right. ;A; Gosh I feel like crying…

    • ふう子 says :

      Oh did you make? Thank you for your hard work! It was a good idea to make a spreadsheet that everyone can contribute too. :>

      I’m very worried about Hirakita as well. ;; To the point where I’ve been trying to stay away from the JP live feeds as they keep updating the number of people who’re missing and confirmed dead in Miyagi. It’s so much harder to distance yourself from the news when you can start putting names to the victims.

      • cheezy says :

        The list was on my blog at first, then people started commenting on the entry to add to that list. So I thought might as well create a docs for everybody to edit. I’m glad I did that, ’cause I don’t think I’ll be able to get so much information on mangaka in such short amount of time.

        I’ve already turned off audio to the streams, it’s very depressing to hear the names and how they died. ;A;

        • ふう子 says :

          Did you see?? \;A;/ Hirakita Yuya updated just a bit ago! Thank goodness she’s okay!

          The audio streams are still quite depressing but it’s good to at least see the people who’re starting to be saved now.

  2. nomanlive says :

    Thank you so much for the list.
    I’m so worried about Ogura Muku. Her name’s not on the list yet…
    If anybody knows something about her please confirm…
    I hope she is fine…

    • ふう子 says :

      I’m worried for her as well. 8( But if it’s any condolence, Ogura Muku has never been the type with a huge online presence so even if she’s okay it’s doubtful that she would be quick to update her blog about it. There’s also a chance she could be in an area without phone/internet service! So keep your hopes up!

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello! I just wanted to let you know, since you were concerned, that Kobato Mebaru (under her shoujo pen name twitter account) confirmed that Ogura Muku, who is good friends with her and also lives in the Kansai region, is perfectly safe. :> Hopefully that will put your mind at ease a tiny bit.

      • nomanlive says :

        OMG!!! Thank you so so so so much for letting me and everyone know about the good news… Phew… Thank you and thank God! ^^

  3. moeronpan says :

    Thank you for posting the list.
    I’m really pissed off at everyone all ‘hurr durr only the weeaboos care about this I’m going to be an internet tough guy by showing how much I don’t care”. I care about these people because they’ve given me so much happiness, and because they are FREAKING PEOPLE with families and loved ones. Why shouldnt I care about someone just because they’re famous? To make it even worse, my friend was working in Iwate and was listed as missing and then ‘confirmed dead’ due to misinformation (she’s alive, safe and evacuated though) but I had to endure 12 hours of thinking my best friend is dead. There is nothing that can compare with that feeling. So I get particularly angry at people trying to brush this off in some kind of sick ego-boosting/toughguy game. Besides, even if I didn’t personally know anyone in Japan they are still human beings suffering over there and only a total fuckwit would not feel some sense of remorse over this.

    Didn’t mean for the comment to turn out so negative;; I wanted to thank you anyway.

    • ふう子 says :

      Oh my gosh that must have been terrible to hear that your friend was dead—thank goodness it was misinformation. I’m glad that she’s safe.

      I’m also getting increasingly more sick of the battle of egos that all this is causing in pretty much all Japan-related fandoms. Instead of banding together people are more interested in commanding others on how they should/should not care and what they should/should not care about. Everyone grieves in a different way and should be left to outwardly show their reaction this this catastrophe in whatever way they see fit. What matters isn’t HOW people care about this, just that they care.

      Anyway, it’s fine! Again, thank goodness your friend is safe at least!

  4. Indra Gunawan says :

    Where is masashi kishimoto???

  5. Rainbow says :

    Yoshizaki Mine’s name isn’t on the list…I’m worried.

  6. kira says :

    o.o any idea about nakajo hisaya (hana kimi) and sorachi hideaki (gintama) statuses?

  7. zavelude says :

    seo kouji??? is he safe ???

  8. Unknown~ says :

    It’s good that many of them are fine… But most of my favourite mangakas aren’t there… T_T Omg I’m starting to get depressed T_T Thanks anyway for the list…

  9. venom says :

    can someone find out if yamada yoshinobu is safe? i cant find any info on him at all! :(

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