Psyche Delico novel + Ootsuki Miu in Gush

Not written by Psyche Delico, obviously, but illustrated by her. This is Psyche Delico’s first release in the form of novel illustrations so I’m probably going to be a loser and cave and buy it even though I have a lot of trouble reading huge walls of Japanese text.

But the cover is so cute! And it already has at least one five-star review! (Granted, that’s another person who just bought the book for Psyche’s illustrations, but HEY that’s what I want the book for as well so as long as the pictures are worth five stars that’s all I care about!)

Also exciting but also heartbreaking since I probably can’t afford it, Ootsuki Miu is in Gush for the first time ever!! (Gush as in the actual magazine—she has, in fact, been in their anthologies before with glorious amazing wonderful dirty crossdressing manga.)

Now to start the deliberation of “well… how many other good mangaka are in this magazine? Are there a lot of other mangaka I like? Is it worth the price just for some Ootsuki Miu color pages?” Which is silly because we all know that Ootsuki Miu color pages are something I would evidently pay any price for.

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6 responses to “Psyche Delico novel + Ootsuki Miu in Gush”

  1. Kery says :

    Actually novels aren’t so bad. I was quite frightened of them but then I bought one for the illustrations and persevered… it took me a long time but the sense of satisfaction you get at the end of it is like. WOW.

    • ふう子 says :

      I keep meaning to try reading one (I already own five or so but keep giving up after a few lines) but I feel so overwhelmed even just flipping to the first page haha. But I should probably put more effort into it—BL novels are a huge part of fandom so I feel like I’m missing out on so much great stuff by being unable to read them.

  2. Snakey says :

    (De-lurking here? I believe so.)

    It really depends on the novel’s genre for me to understand them…. anything other than modern is impossible for me! Thankfully most novels don’t cost much either, so they’re nice to collect even if just for the illustration~ Still haven’t tried out anything from Psyche Delico. :C But her art is so CUTE.

    Random, but I’ve actually been stalking your blog for recently and just love your postings and recs <3 Also read that you wanted the Sunae Hata postcard from Chara, and since I got mine today, special pic for you? :'D

    (My camera's been dying on me so if you actually want a better pic, I could scan it for you later on 8D;;)

    • ふう子 says :

      OH MY GOD DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU A LOT. A LOT A LOT A LOT. \*A*/ Thank you so much!! It’s fine—you don’t have to go through the trouble of scanning it! Just being able to see her cute illustration makes me so happy! Thank you so so soooo much!! If there is ever a story you really want to read from one of my books just say so and I’ll scan it for you to pay you back!

      Haha I’m similar when it comes to manga—since I’m kind of lazy and don’t like looking things up while I’m leisurely reading, I often have a lot of trouble with historical, fantasy, etc. stories since there are too many terms and kanji that I don’t understand. orz;;; Kind of pitiful. But luckily I mostly prefer modern-day salaryman or schoolboy-type stories and those usually are very easy to read! But thanks for the tip—perhaps tonight I’ll have to sit down and attempt reading (with a dictionary for once) the novel Kojima Lalako helped illustrate. iirc that one is a cute modern-day school story so it shouldn’t be too difficult compared to most!

      If you ever get the chance, though, you should check out Psyche Delico’s works! She has a variety of very different stories but my favorite from her is probably her latest, Junai Eroki. It’s very sweet and but also wonderfully balanced with dirty scenes (and just a pinch of drama)!

      • Snakey says :

        You’re welcome dear~~ God knows you’ve shared a ton with your readers anyways; it’s always good to share some back v Can’t think of much on the top of my head right now though, but I’ll be sure to make a request should anything come to mind~~ (*´u`*)

        I just adore salaryman or school-centered stories~~ …maybe because I’m most familiar with that type of setting. Makes life so much easier when the background doesn’t have to be told to us and they just get on with the story (main reason why I could not last the first chapter of Harry Potter). orz Oh, and not sure if you’ll need this or not, but I find really helpful when you’re looking up any Japanese words and phrases! They have a lot of sample sentences in English & Japanese to let you really grasp the meaning of the words! :)

        HA HA. I looked up Junai Eroki through Google after reading your comment… and it just gave me back your blog www (Looks like you’ve been promoting lots). But your review was very helpful *A* I’m going to attempt to get a copy of it now; it looks worth my money and a nice touch to my not-as-dirty-as-I-thought collection~ (with drool-worthy art :L)

        (Oh snap, sorry I just blabbed on and on orz orz)

        • ふう子 says :

          I agree! Perhaps it’s because those types of stories are closer to my heart but I find them a lot more enjoyable than fantasy and such. And I also agree re: having to get a bunch of background story explained. Those are always the ones I have a lot of trouble with haha. Also, thank you for the link—it looks really useful!

          lmao yes I also reviewed that manga. :> But it’s really good, I swear! I wouldn’t review it if I didn’t really like it haha. It’s always nice to add a couple filthy books to your collection—ups the embarrassment factor of getting caught!

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