go go go Kojima Lalako

I got my manga order yesterday (well… all except BL48手, but that should be here tomorrow) and it’s been great—I’ve already read my way through Canna (which was fabulous as always) as well as both of Umematsu Machie’s newest tankoubon. Both of them are great and I will try to talk about them if possible. But I’m currently too rushed to really write proper reviews so I’ll give you this instead:

Kojima Lalako’s POP image for Neko no Yomeiri, stolen from the HertZ series manga preview page. Isn’t it adorable? Isn’t everything Kojima Lalako has ever done adorable? Are any of you as insanely and hilariously excited for her three-release marathon as I am? /o\ (And have you read her blog post on the topic? It is so cute oh my god how is it even possible to be that adorable?!) Is Kojima Lalako going to make our wallets weep?

Speaking of Kojima Lalako, Canna posted the preview images for her Kimi to Parade tankoubon on twitter: click! Adorable pastel colors galore! \*A*/!!

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10 responses to “go go go Kojima Lalako”

  1. cheezy says :

    D8 Yes!! Very adorable indeed!! Both Uematsu’s tanks and Kojima Lalako’s pop and covers ;A;!! Kojima Lalako sounds really cute in twitter. It’s amusing to read how she interacts with the rest of the mangaka on twitter. :’D

    • ふう子 says :

      Oooh did you read both of Umematsu’s releases as well?? *A* Aren’t they fabulous? I can’t even choose which one I liked more—both of them were just great. Umematsu Machie is really making a name for herself by releasing consistently amazing stories, I think!

      And I agree re: Kojima Lalako on twitter! It’s so adorable watching them all interact with each other—sometimes they just seem like your average fujoshi and it makes them so endearing to me. *w*

      • cheezy says :

        I read Umematsu’s works on Canna, still waiting for the tank for lynx to arrive. Yesasia’s took their own sweet time to process my orders ;'(

        XD Yea, average fujoshi all right. Makes me smile in the morning reading their tweets.

        • ふう子 says :

          Oh so you haven’t bought the tnakoubon for Shokudou Dinner Show? ;w; The extra is really cute if you ever have a chance to check it out!! I definitely recommend it. It’s such a sweet side to Ichi and Ryou’s intimate relationship. But anyway, I hope her Lynx book arrives for you soon! I thought both stories were really sweet. *w*

          I see she is being adorable this morning as well haha.

          • cheezy says :

            Not yet, it’s sitting in my cart right now waiting for the rest of March’s books to come out. :’D I can’t wait till the end of the month to press the purchase button now thanks to you.

  2. sringangel says :

    Omg 3 release marathon. No wonder she’s so tired lately from her tweets XD;;;;
    I wanna order Kimi to Parade omg ><;;; but I need to wait to move into a new apartment so I can form a hidden secret hiding place orz! *_*;;;;;

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