Punch volume 04

My copy came in the male today! ;w; Still so sad to see this manga end, but it’s the good kind of sad. This book came all by itself, away from the rest of my order, so I have a whole day to just be alone with it and bask in its presence haha. I’m not going to review the book sicne I think I’ve already talked plenty about this series (plus what good is it to just review one volume…?) but I still wanted to talk about it a little.

For one, I just have to say that Kouta will probably always be one of my favorite BL characters. He’s just so amazing and sweet and brilliant and I am so happy that Kano Shiuko created him. He’s just so far from any stereotypical character I’ve ever read and while I don’t mind stereotypical characters there’s something so endearing and life-like about Kouta that makes him pretty much unforgettable.

Here’s a really cute advertisement for the drama CD that came with this volume:

I got pretty much exactly what I wanted with the extras. There are two of them and they’re both so silly and stupid and sexy and adorable. The first one has a really loving sex scene and it’s just sdfl;sj;gsd perfect. The second one features the crossover characters from P.B.B. and it’s more silly, in which Motoharu and Junsuke shop around looking at potentially-dirty toys for their lovers.

Overall, the perfect ending for this series. ;w;

A friend, Kokiden, said there are new chapters of P.B.B. in BexBoy GOLD so maybe, MAYBE, if we’re lucky Kouta and Motoharu will show up again at some point. I hope so!


5 responses to “Punch volume 04”

  1. kokiden/Barbara says :

    What a great post! Thanks for featuring some Punch love! You are tempting to send away for my own volume 4!

  2. abscondite says :

    HAHA I just saw your visitor stats. YAY you and your perverts. /o/ Gorgeous peek at the tank! Can’t wait to get my copy. Thanks!

  3. Cri says :

    Hi! I really love this manga but I only read it on internet (isn’t published where I live) but the story stop here http://www.mangaeden.com/en-manga/punch-up/
    Do you know where I can find the rest of the story? in any languages

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