Citron releases & info

Sorry about my absence over the past few days. Sadly, the fact of the matter is that it’s just another one of those times where there isn’t much interesting new information to talk about and so I just haven’t… been… talking lmao.

But!! It’s a new month in BL fandom meaning a few websites have updated their information for March! But the one I’m most interested in talking about at the moment is Citron. For one, the anniversary issue of Citron is released today!! Hooray for them! I’m happy that the publishing line has caught on like it has and released some pretty amazing titles. (Not that Libre as a company needs more success, mind you, considering they’re the biggest BL publisher.) The issue released today has Kusama Sakae on the cover, just like the first ever volume. Another exciting thing is that Aniya Yuiji has a color page!! \*A*/ HOORAH!

Also, if you go to the index you can preview Psyche Delico’s story (I’m soooo glad that one got continued! *w*) as well as Momoka’s and Momoyama Naoko’s. I don’t recall having ever read anything by Momoka before but her art is gorgeous! One thing I’m sad about, though, is that Jaryuu Dokuro is once again absent. 8( Very depressing, but oh well. Keep working hard, Jaryuu Dokuro!

As for the next volume…

AOI SERI COVER ART!! \*A*/!!! TRIPLE HOORAH! Does this mean she will have an interview and they’ll ask her about her inspirations and her favorite color and her favorite food s;dlgj;sgsg’sgl;s PLEASE YES. (Also, speaking of Aoi Seri has anyone else been keeping up with her blog and thus seen her cat? Very cute! Lots of BL mangaka have been talking about cats lately haha.)

Also speaking of Citron, Morozumi Sumitomo’s manga through them that just recently finished up will be seeing a tankoubon released on April 1st! Morozumi Sumitomo’s fourth tankoubon release, if I recall correctly.

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3 responses to “Citron releases & info”

  1. Myluv2pop says :

    Kusama Sakae <3

    I hope her next tankobon for Match Uri comes out soon!! And the cover for Citron is so pretty ^_^

    • ふう子 says :

      Do you want me to try and scan the whole interview for you when it arrives? Well, if there is a proper interview haha. But I think there is supposed to be one.

      • myluv2pop says :

        Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for offering! Would you please? Kusama Sakae is fast becoming one of my favorite BL mangaka; her work’s so gorgeous and amazing and a little bit nostalgic and…god, just wonderful! … ^_^;;

        Seriously though, I think that the cover for Citron is really pretty. I love her calm color scheme.

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