Inoue Nawo novel cover

It’s so pretty that I wanted to post it here.

Novel by Asaoka Modoru with illustrations by Inoue Nawo. Somehow it feels like it’s been too long since I’ve seen something new by Inoue Nawo, so I always worry if her art style is changing a lot without me ever realizing it. But it’s nice to see that if it is changing at all, it’s just getting prettier.

Another cute novel cover is this one, Ookami-san ga Yattekita, by Ishihara Hinako with illustrations by Ogura Muku. Admittedly, I have always been a sucker for kemomimi-type stories.

It seems like all I do lately is sit on and look at cover postings since I’m waiting (impatiently) for Cab to come in stock so that I can put in my order for this month. /o\ Wahhh please hurry, Cab! I want to see what BLink is all about!

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