Minazuki Akira “Konya wa Take-Out nite”

Dubbed “Konya wa Make-Out Time” by a friend (for good reason), this book is Minazuki Akira’s debut tankoubon. Released in mid-to-late 2009, HertZ Series’ sixty-third book, it didn’t really make that big of a splash. Though the ratings on amazon.jp are quite good with four out of every five people putting it in the above-average range, it didn’t really go places on any high-scale rankings for sales or popularity. It did, however, pave a path for Minazuki Akira’s name to be better-heard when her second tankoubon arrived on the scene a year later.

But this isn’t a review for Kono Yoru no Subete, though that tankoubon is also fabulous. While not as popular and perhaps not as supposedly ‘deep’ as its follow-up, Konya wa Take-Out nite definitely has its own fair share of charm and appeal with very beautiful and original art, interesting stories and cute characters.

The tankoubon itself consists of three separate stories, the first of which (the title story) is about two men working in the fast food business; Iwakiri is the hard-working but playful manager of a fast food restaurant who falls in love with Matsumoto Kei, a helper from the main offices, the second he sees him. Story two takes a more supernatural approach, following what seems to be an ice demon as he learns what it’s like to feel human after meeting a young doctor who previously lost his wife and thus never wants to get close to another human to spare himself the pain and regret. The third and final story takes a more romantic and sensual approach, about a businessman-turned-sculptor who starts living with a younger genius who is in love with the contours of his body. A varied grouping of stories with something that most anyone can be interested in.

Minazuki’s art is somewhat unusual and admittedly might be hard for some people to get used to. I remember the first time I read something by Minazuki Akira; I was a bit shocked by the minimalist approach to screentone and thus found it hard to follow her paneling. But it’s just that: something you have to—and should!!—get used to. Perhaps you have to pay closer attention to her artwork, but it’s worth the effort. Her style is incredibly expressive when necessary and she is very adept with working out truly beautiful facial expressions and emotions.

As for what one might consider the highs and lows of her manga, I know there are some people who are not interested in romance and while this manga does have a lot of focus on its own specific plots, like 99.9% of all BL manga the main general focus is the romance and sexual tension between the characters. While it would be a stretch to call this tankoubon dirty by any means, there is a lot of sexual content so fans of strictly sex-free manga should beware. But the sex scenes are always very attractive and well-handled. Perhaps because Minazuki is so good at portraying emotion, she is very good at injecting a beautiful sensuality into her romantic scenes and it puts them a step higher than, say, a sex scene that exists just to titillate the reader. Also, as stated previously, the art might take some getting used to because you can’t really just skim it like you can with some other manga—to properly enjoy her stories I think you have to pay close attention to the changes in the characters faces to see the moods and emotions portrayed there.

Personally, I quite liked this story—it’s been quite a long time since I’ve been sincerely excited about a scanlation. I’m thankful that it was released all at once since I don’t know how I possibly could have waited for it on a chapter-to-chapter basis. Very addicting and an easy and enjoyable read.


7 responses to “Minazuki Akira “Konya wa Take-Out nite””

  1. myluv2pop says :

    I just read this yesterday, and I loved it also! I bought “Kono Yoru no Subete” when it first came out last year, so I was really excited when this scanlation came out! I especially liked the second story; I thought it was creative of her to spin the Yuki Onna myth into a Yuki Otoko story.

    • ふう子 says :

      I’m glad! A few of the people I’ve seen talking about it so far kept mentioning how it’s “nothing special aside from the art” so I was worried that I was the only one who really loved it haha. I think it was just such an interesting group of stories and they were handled wonderfully. As expected of Minazuki Akira!

      And I had actually forgotten all about the Yuki Onna myth so now that you bring that up it makes the second story just that much more interesting!

  2. mleonard1995 says :

    You’re not alone – I became sensei’s fan after this book reading in 2009, though I admit I ‘stepped back’ a bit by her art right at the beginning.

    Sensei is a good story teller, and I’m very happy to see her two books licensed in English (so I really hope June’s not going to make a mess in translation this time.)

    • ふう子 says :

      Her art is very unusual but not in a bad way. It’s just something you have to get used to.

      She really is fabulous at winding stories. Once I have some extra money I’ll have to order this tankoubon so I can have her set.

  3. Polinn says :

    Oh, I’m her biggest fan, I liked her style, as soon as I saw her first doujin (I think it is not necessary to understand the fandom, it is quite readable as an original story). Despite the fact that I already have all her 2 books, I will definitely buy the English versions too:D
    By the way, I think that this year at least 2 more her books (from Lynx and Canna) and several doujinshis will be published. I look forward!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I do the same—for mangaka I like, even if I don’t know what fandom they’re writing for I’ll try to buy their doujinshi. Sadly, though, I rarely have the money for it.

      But it’s good to see that Minazuki already has so many fans! She really deserves all the fandom support so she can keep writing great stories.

      • Polinn says :

        Yeah, doujinshis are rather expensive, besides, if author is popular, it is also very hard to buy it. And not too many stores do sell them… But it seems that authors have a doujin trend – more and more mangakas start publish doujinshis:D

        I think so too. Minazuki works are high quality yaoi stories with a really good plot<3

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