drap 0311

And now for drap. To be honest I wasn’t really excited at all about this issue when I ordered it. I kind of bought it just for Jaryuu Dokuro and that’s about it. But it ended up having quite a few stories that I enjoyed so in the end it doesn’t feel like too big a waste of money.

R-18 content abounds! Enter with caution!

mmmmm Coga Mayumi pin-up. :9 This is the second time something of hers has been featured in drap. I wonder if she’ll ever have an actual story in the magazine.

Yet another extension of Moegi Yuu’s Katekyo! with the addition of a weird bunny suit haha. Now that’s an interesting fetish.

mmmm Takagi Ryou. I think this is possibly a continuation of a story (which drap is very good at evidently) since I didn’t really understand some parts. But there was an onsen sex scene to make up for it so all is forgiven.

A new chapter of Wanko to Nyanko. Somewhat surprising since it’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen any additional chapters for that manga.

Yoshizuka Mayako with a one-page gag. ;; I like her art so I still wanted to take a picture of it.

Oshiiru by Kouki. It’s an Itoko Doushi story. *w* I really love Kouki’s art—it’s so pretty and calm.

The final chapter of Jaryuu Dokuro’s Yakozen. ;A; Jaryuu Dokuro took a very interesting step away from the usual BL plot with this, I think. Almost any other mangaka would have made Chiba realize the faults of his ways and fall deeply in love with Monji and they would have lived happily ever after, but Jaryuu took this beautiful, interesting, less-romanticized approach of Monji starting to date Ohagi. The love between Ohagi and Monji isn’t necessarily climactic and passionate, and when they start dating Monji likes Ohagi but isn’t in love/lust with him. To some it may seem like Monji settled for Ohagi on the rebound, but I think this was really a beautiful approach to what real love is like. Choosing a life partner who may not make you quiver in anticipation or fall head-over-heels in love but is instead someone who will actually listen to you, care for you, and reciprocate your feelings instead of making you feel extreme lows after the amazing highs.

This is just part of the reason Jaryuu Dokuro is so amazing to me. While she didn’t break any stereotypical barriers that most people would focus on (we still have the uke/seme set-up and it’s still a general romance story) she tweaked the story in such a small way that completely sets it apart from the rest. Monji didn’t change himself for Chiba, and Chiba didn’t change himself for Monji—instead they moved on to find people they can love who properly fit their wants and needs in a life partner. Now this is the kind of romance that really makes you think.

sdg;ljs;gds anyway as you can see I really loved this story. There’s just something about Jaryuu Dokuro that makes everything she touches turn to gold.

Fujitani Youko with a continuation for her latest tankoubon.

A oneshot by Koike Marumi. I had to look her name up since I didn’t think I had read anything by her before (though supposedly her tag has already been put into my blog’s database?) and it turns out she’s the mangaka for at least one thing I’ve read before: Hana Shinobu no Koi. Though it’s been so long since I read that one that I don’t even remember much about it haha. Anyway, this new story was a superior/subordinate story in which they have a lot of sex and one partner starts to wonder if they’re just sex friends or something more.

Midoriyama Youko! /o/ About two friends who have secretly loved each other for quite a while.

Katakoi Melancholy by Akagane. To be honest I wasn’t very into the art for this one, but I thought the story was quite cute. While arguing with his friend Shishio over who is better with ~the ladies~, Kashiwagi is suddenly kissed. Supposedly it’s to prove that he’s a good kisser, but now Kashiwagi can’t get the feel of Shishio’s tongue out of his mind. But it appears Shishio isn’t even phased by their kiss. What is poor Kashiwagi to do??

The ending it pretty obvious, right? But it was a enjoyable read.

Fumi is #1 seme character! lmao also that scene from Himitsugokoro f;gs’g;kdga’;fka suddenly I want to reread it.

As for the next issue!! AKAHOSHI JAKE IS BACK! \*A*/ Yesssss I am so excited! Also, Hino Garasu and Yamada Torico! (Speaking of Yamada Torico did you know she’s supposedly releasing a shoujo smut manga this month? Interesting!) And of course I am also excited for more Kanda Neko. Sadly, though, my dreams for a continuation of Ootsuki Miu’s Familiar seem to have been smashed into the ground. ;w; I want mooooore of that manga baww.

Onto the next issue!

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6 responses to “drap 0311”

  1. mleonard1995 says :

    Yep, Kanda Neko and Akagane are the reasons I’ve been buying Drap for the past few months – now the bookstore staff are ‘trying to help to save my money’ by offering another 10% off if I subscribe for one year (or 6 months?), plus member discount, I can have at least 15% off. Hmm… not a bad deal for buying Drap and Canna every month.

    I really hope Kanda sensei’s works can be licensed soon here…

  2. lennie says :


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