adventures in doujinshi

Sorry for my long-ish absence! I haven’t had much free time lately and what free time I have had has been spent on painting a kitchen, watching news about Egypt and trying to get caught up on the million things I’m behind on. But I will always take time out of my busy schedule to talk about BL manga. (And besides, in a couple weeks I’ll have all the time in the world to update this blog as much as possible.)

Today I got two (two!) packages in the mail from two different stores, both of which contained doujinshi.

As you can see, I did not get Psyche Delico’s doujinshi. 8( It actually sold out before my toranoana order went through. Blast! Psyche Delico is evidently very much in demand at the moment.

First off, Jaryuu Dokuro’s Sugar Sugar Sugar. This one is an additional story to Sugar Milk‘s ‘Sugar’ and ‘Milk’ stories featuring Taichi and Sho.

It’s really interesting to see her old characters adapted into her new art style—this way you can really see how much her art has changed over the years since she first started publishing BL. I haven’t read the story closely yet, but it seems sweet and has a very vague, tasteful sex scene.

Also, I thought this was cute.

Big love for you too, Jaryuu Dokuro!

Then, Ootsuki Miu’s Summer Soldier doujinshi. I cringe whenever I pick this one up because, as anyone who has attempted to seek out Ootsuki’s doujinshi before knows, her doujinshi are almost impossible to find for anything under a fortune. Resales of her doujinshi are rare and expensive. (And are generally just copy versions so it’s not even like they’re high-quality books…) But I finally caved and bought this off mandarake after someone asked me about it on formspring.

And so now I can officially say that it’s a sequel to Ukkari Cherry but not necessarily a prequel to Paradise Baby. It was released before ParaBaby started publishing but does not really have any connection to the main story at all. It’s mostly just more fluff between Sawa and Shiroi with Micchan getting shoved in there somewhere.

It’s interesting to see a doujinshi by Ootsuki Miu—where in the talk section she is just… well… herself. And now I have her email address. I was hoping she would give away her site address in the author comments, but alas—! Too bad. I guess I will just have to keep sleuthing and trying to find her OHP while hoping that she goes public with her online life sooner or later.

I also bought one of her doujinshi for the band Rip Slyme.

Admittedly, I know almost nothing about Rip Slyme (aside from their snazzy double-up songs with my favorite band, Quruli! Wooo!) but I was looking for three qualities when I picked it out:

1. I wanted one of her most recent works,
2. I wanted an R-18 doujinshi because I am of the awkward opinion that fluff doujinshi just doesn’t feel complete, and
3. I wanted something that had the first two qualities but wasn’t too expensive.

Ootsuki’s story is actually only half of the doujinshi—the other half is taken up by another artist/Rip Slyme fan whom I had never heard of—but I still enjoyed looking at it. Maybe someday I’ll get over spending $60 on two doujinshi.


(Probably not. I could buy more than six full BL manga for that! orz;;;)

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One response to “adventures in doujinshi”

  1. Ruku says :

    I’m in hurry as could so not read everything (I am bad in english ^ ^ U)
    but I love Sho and Taichi ~ ♥
    and looking on Jaryuu Dokuro get here.

    luck ^ ^

    (¬¬ hmm, my disgusting English)

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