LYNX vol. 35

I finally have four days off work so I had time to sit down and finish reading the latest issue of LYNX. Which really shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did haha. I guess I just have terrible reading comprehension. Or have just been too impatient to read lately.

But I have four stories I want to talk about, by four mangaka everyone already knows that I love: Yamano Deco, Kojima Lalako, Sunae Hata and Umematsu Machie.

Warning for R-18 content goes here.

First is Yamano Deco with her story Kimiiro Love.

This one is about Hiroki, a young man who seems to be quite lonely. One night he misses the last train and his mother is out of town so he can’t call her to pick him up and he has no friends around whose houses he can stay at. He decides to stay in a park, but while practicing for a play (as he is in the theater club at school) he accientally ‘confesses’ to another young man named Yuuki who just happens to be standing in the direction he’s practicing toward. Yuuki happens to go to Hiroki’s school (but their school lives are completely different and thus they have never had a chance to meet before) and he lives alone, so he offers his home to Hiroki. Thus starts the tradition of Hiroki going over to Yuuki’s for food (always instant curry) and the quick process of Hiroki falling in love with Yuuki. But Yuuki has a girlfriend? And, of course, they’re both boys. How is Hiroki supposed to deal with his painful attraction to his new, clueless friend?

Not a very deep story, but very sweet. I thought the moment where Hiroki confessed to Yuuki was really powerful—in his cluelessness Yuuki got Hiroki’s hopes up without realizing it, and he was equally pitiful and clueless when Hiroki sincerely confessed to him. So poor Hiroki ended up thinking he’d been rejected and had lost the thing in the world he cares most about. It was rather sad rofl. ;; But they made up and it was fabulous. The end.

The next story is Yuriiro no Koibito by Kojima Lalako. *A* Sooooo cute.

Seriously seriously serrrriously so adorable. ;; In this one Tacchan is a very uncool guy—he’s afraid of dogs, has a low-tension personality, isn’t any good at sports and can’t stand high places. But he has one good quality: he was able to net the most adorable, amazing, super sweet boyfriend ever. But when his adorable boyfriend Yuusuke gushes over a super masculine adult celebrity, Tacchan is in a bind. He really wants to be Yuusuke’s ideal, even if it’s the opposite of who he really is. Tacchan stops eating sweets and tries to act cool, but it’s an exhausting process. He’ll do whatever it takes to be everything Yuusuke has ever wanted, though.

I reaaaaaally loved this one. It was just. Super sweet. ;A; When Tacchan started getting weak and exhausted from trying to change himself, and Yuusuke shouted at him about how he knows that Tacchan loves sweets and hates dogs and heights and he loves Tacchan anyway because Tacchan is Tacchan and Yuusuke has always always been looking at only Tacchan ffffffff. Kojima Lalako’s existence could possibly mean that there are gods out there, seriously. She is pretty much the biggest mood-brightening mangaka I have ever seen.

Third is Sunae Hata’s Torokeru Hanjuku Yuujou Quest! Kind of a weird story but filled with Sunae’s signature cuteness. :9

Suddenly after school ends plain, friendless, boring (adorable) Konno is invited over to the house of the most popular boy in class. Harumi claims he needs help with the latest assignment, but Konno is confused by this since it’s a fairly simple assignment and Harumi could easily have asked any one of his entourage of friends. It starts out well—Harumi offers him snacks and asks questions to get to know him. But somewhere along the way it takes a weird new turn: Harumi kisses Konno, and then claims it’s just what friends do these days. But somehow a kiss escalates to exchanging blowjobs and then all the way to actual sex?! But Konno can’t handle anal sex—it’s just too painful, even if it is what friends do. He’s heartbroken that this means he can’t fit in with Harumi, but he just can’t do it. So Harumi, in his guilt, has a confession: he has always been in love with Konno.

This one is seriously weird because even a friendless and nerdy high school boy should know that sex is not something people do with their friends (unless, of course, they are sexually open and have friends with benefits) but the Japanese comic industry has always loved the naive-beyond-believability characters. As daft as he was I though Konno was ridiculously cute—I loved that even though he was so dumb he would be willing to almost have anal sex with his male classmate, he wasn’t going to take any of Harumi’s shit and he did know that none of what Harumi was feeding him made much sense. It all just happened so fast! And then Harumi was such a doof, and both characters kind of reminded me of the characters from Koutetsu which made me happy. Stories like this, I think, are Sunae at her best—quirky and weird but seriously adorable.

Finally, we have a fairly more serious story by Umematsu Machie, Indigo wo Koero.

Her art is really becoming so pretty ahhhhh.

This one is rather hard to summarize since it’s linked to another series but w/e w/e. Masataka is a failure in both the realms of work as well as love. He’s afraid of failure so he breaks off his relationships and hopes before he can be let down. After another crappy day he finds a new bar to mope in over a drink and happens to meet a nosy bartender who seems oddly knowledgeable about Masataka with only a glance in his direction. This bartender, Shinya, becomes Masataka’s closest friend and confidant—he can tell anything to Shinya. But Shinya seems to understand a little too much. Does Masataka know Shinya from somewhere? Or is this just the fates playing a trick on him?

A fairly emotional story, I really enjoyed it. ;; I felt for Masataka, who had constantly gotten his hopes stepped on to the point of giving up and was so glad that he found Shinya who knew the hopeful, intelligent man Masataka used to be and was able to snap him out of it. They make such a fabulous, cute couple. I was so ecstatic when Shinya said “if you love me, then come here” and Masataka took one timid step forward before lunging into Shinya’s arms and it was just dsfl;gs;ljdfgs so fabulous and romantic lmao. *A*

Anyway, as for the next issue of LYNX, out of these four mangaka only Yamano Deco is coming back. ;; At least there will be more Nimoda Ai and Katsuragi to make up for it. /ANGST

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