Merry Checker Cover

Oh bb! Suzuki Tsuta’s tankoubon cover for her latest Chara release, Merry Checker, has now been posted up. It’s very cute, I must say—I really love the color scheme. That green is my favorite color haha.

I’ve been checking the tankoubon cover releases daily if only because I’m really excited about Itoshi no Nekokke and Sawatte mo Ii ka na rofl. orz;; Even though those ones don’t come out for a few more weeks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, though!


2 responses to “Merry Checker Cover”

  1. Queen says :

    It seems to me that she has changed her style a bit but I quite love that cover for the same reasons you do. Besides these characters got me so much that I get over-excited every time I see something about this story ^^ thanks for sharing!

  2. Suimu says :

    soooooooooooo happy about this release omg.

    also Suzuki-Sensei said on her blog that this year she would work hard and finish up all of Kono yo Ibun hopefully!! This means completing my collection and also more new stories from her ((: ~~~

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