more impressions.

Yesterday I finally got the second half of the BL purchase for December and it’s pretty much brilliant—all of the magazines I had been most looking forward to in one small shipment. I am absolutely in love with all of them. But for now I’ll just leave you with a small-ish post since life is (obviously) kind of hectic at the moment.

Baby for Aniya Yuiji, onBLUE for Yamanaka Hiko and Kumota Haruko, drap for Ootsuki Miu, Citron for Aniya Yuiji and Kumota Haruko. :9 And then, of course, the second and final volume of Yamanaka Hiko’s End Game. A brilliant set.

For this one, straight-up, warning for R-18 content. The Baby anthology is actually quite filthy.

The first thing I read was Yamanaka Hiko’s End Game—I reread volume one and then followed with volume two and pretty much just cried my eyes out.

Seriously, though. This story is just so emotionally heart-wrenching. orz;; There’s this one scene where they show Katsuya’s mother’s death and it’s just so horrible—little Katsuya is covered in her blood and shaking her and it’s… ugh. I was really good about not crying at all until that scene. All in all, though, I’m so glad I picked up this manga. It’s just beautiful. The only thing that left me feelnig displeased in the slightest was the fact that Tooru never really told Katsuya (who was already always unsure of Tooru’s feeling towards him) that he really loved him. Also that Tooru always seemed so uncomfortable and unhappy during their sex scenes. But that’s just Tooru for you. 8(

Then onto drap, which I haven’t read much of yet.

The second and final chapter of Ootsuki Miu’s newest drap story, Familiar. There was lots of hot bro-sex going on. It seemed a bit rushed for homophobic Ryouhei to suddenly accept Nanao and decide he wasn’t so bad after all (and in fact quite fuckable) but oh well. It would have been amazing if this were a longer story, since homophobia is rarely depicted in BL manga as anything other than a “ew gross don’t touch me or I’ll get cooties!” way. Hopefully this story will be so popular that drap will request Ootsuki continue with it. \o/ I would love to see more of Ryouhei struggling with his sudden sexual attraction to his step brother while he’s just telling himself that he’s keeping Nanao from sleeping around and thus doing a good deed—not that he’s got any homosexual inclinations or anything.

Also, it was hilarious that he came after only two or so thrusts of being inside Nanao. Pathetic younger brother needs Nanao to help him build up his stamina.

Yukimura. /o/ Except this is chapter five and Yukimura isn’t really in drap that often so I have no idea what’s been going on in this story. I guess I’ll have to go reread a bunch of old drap issues.

Naono Boura’s Renai Nenrei. I know it’s popular but to me this story seems to be getting unnecessarily long at this point. Oh well. I guess I’ll stop complaining and just enjoy the sex scene.

Kanda Neko with yet another extension of a popular story. But mmmm Kanda Neko. :9 The uke in this story is adorable.

I think this is a continuation of Chidori Peko’s oneshot from a month or two ago. This couple is pretty cute. *v* And Chidori’s art is as gorgeous as always.

Yamada 2choume’s first time in drap and she starts right off with a color page. Awwwwwsome.

Hino Garasu unfff.

The final chapter of Yamada Torico’s two-part story. I am admittedly excited about getting around to reading this.

And then, the advertisement for the next issue. MMMMM JARYUU DOKURO! Sadly, though, she’s the only artist I’m really super duper excited about. ;; Booo me. I was admittedly hoping for more Abahoshi Jake and Ootsuki Miu, but actually almost all of my favorite were cut from the next volume rofl. orz But god knows I’ll still be buying it just for Jaryuu Dokuro. Also, because there’s a Coga Mayumi pin-up.

And now for Citron!

Aniya Yuiji issue. *A* It is pretty much the most beautiful thing to ever happen to the world. There’s an interview and then she drew a report of her drama CD recording and she is just so adorable sdgl;jks;g’sgsd I’m sad, though, that they didn’t include one of those ‘favorite food’, ‘favorite colors’, etc. questionnaires like they did with the other mangaka. Instead some of her space was taken up by a seiyuu interview. Booo I don’t care about what a bunch of random men think about Aniya’s works—I just want more information about Aniya herself!

Aniya’s story—Danshi Meiro‘s Dora and You-chan ten years in the future. It starts with them seeming like they’re going to break up and ends with them exchanging rings. So beautiful. ;; Also Dora grew up into an absolutely stunning young man hoooooly crap.

The last chapter of Morozumi’s story. ;;

Newest chapter of Itoshi no Nekokke! \o/ I’m sad because for the longest time Citron has had two chapters of this in each volume but it seems to have slipped back down to only one. (Oh well, I guess less Kumota in each volume just means more of other mangaka’s stories!) But I’m happy to see this is still continuing! When I saw that the tankoubon comes out early next month I was thinking the last chapter would be in this issue of Citron and was sad since I adore this story and don’t want it to end. ;; But there is more in the next volume and hopefully more and more and more after that! I just adore these two. In this chapter Mii-kun has a cold and so Kei-chan takes care of him with a little bit of petting and making-out in between. :9

Nimoda Ai’s Moe Goe. Not much romantic development in this chapter but it seems that a romantic rival has been introduced!

Psyche Delico! This is supposedly chapter two but… I don’t think this chapter really relates to the previous chapter at all? Is this just going to be a series of random stories? This chapter was a bit sad, though—a man on the train witnesses a gay couple’s loving relationship and then break-up over time and seems to develop feelings for one of the lovers.

Next volume! \o/ The line-up looks absolutely packed with amazing mangaka yesssss.

Onto onBLUE, “Boys Love Anthology for Ultimate Entertainment”. Shouldn’t that be onBLAUE?

Yamanaka Hiko issue. *w* They interviewed her and there was stuff like her favorite music and favorite manga and how she got started as a mangaka and just. Ahhh. Very cool! And then they had other mangaka drawing characters from Yamanaka Hiko’s stories. The first one is by Miike Romuko (which I think is absolutely gorgeous and actually doesn’t look that dissimilar from Yamanaka’s own art) and then Yoneda Kou.

Then was Yamanaka’s actual story. /o/

Kumota Haruko’s story in which I was reminded of my friend who likes Kumota Haruko and also has a thing for erections that are seen/fondled through clothing lmao. But this story was actually really dirty! For some reason I was expecting onBLUE to be a very vanilla, soft-BL anthology but noooooo, Kumota Haruko had to go and make it AWESOME.

Hidoyoshiko’s story involves crossdressing. :>

Est Em. I haven’t read her story but it seems very dramatic.

Koiwazurai Shibito. She seems to really like groups of three boys in not-quite-love-triangles; iirc the first story I read by her had a similar set-up.

Asou Mitsuaki’s story has something to do with haircuts and… something lmao. Have a made it obvious that I’ve barely read onBLUE so far? orz

A story by Yanagisawa Yukio, who I had previously never heard of. This story involves (half) brothers who are dancers and are secretly in love. It’s pretty glorious.

As for the next volume, Est Em will be the spotlight mangaka. Ohhh does this mean that at some point they’ll do a huge interview thing with Kumota Haruko as well? *w* Please please please? But anyway, volume two comes out April 24th, meaning this anthology is only published three times monthly. Daaaaamn that’s a long wait.

And then finally, the Yamanaka Hiko paper that came with this volume. Goooorgeous.

As for my final book, it’s “BITCH!”, the sixteenth issue of the Baby anthology line.

Actually, I have come to the conclusion that when they say “BITCH!” they mean it less to refer to someone who is cruel and catty and more to refer to the original definition: a female dog often used for mating. Because this anthology has less ‘cruel’ ukes as it does ones that really love sex and are incredibly promiscuous. It’s actually really quite fabulous. I’m so glad Aniya Yuiji was in this issue, thus successfully forcing me to buy it. So worth the month mmmhmmm.

Aniya Yuiji postcard. *w*

Aniya’s story was actually only two pages but it’s a two-page sex scene so. Not complaining. If you can read the Japanese in the picture above you’ll know that the dialogue is pretty filthy lmao.

By Umino Sachi, a young man likes imagining dirty scenes of his serious-looking male classmate after seeing him leave a love hotel with a man. But this classmate actually turns out to be just as sexually talented as his imagination.

Kazuaki Souta. Chu~

Nari’s cute story about a promiscuous boy and the classmate that’s always watching over him.

Manako’s story is absolutely filthy lmao. As little boy’s Nacchan and Aki accidentally stumbled upon a couple having sex outside and thus began experimenting with each other sexually. Nacchan moves away to Tokyo but then returns to find Aki has since turned into a gorgeous young man. A gorgeous, promiscuous young man who will sleep with pretty much anyone. In the end Nacchan and Aki are having sex and someone shows up and Aki offers Nacchan’s ass (since Nacchan is already inside Aki) and it ends with Nacchan’s perverted aroused face as Aki’s grabbing and spreading his ass. Jeeeeeesus I’m not really sure what I think about this one but I do thing I will reread it about a million more times.

But then Mochimeko had to go and be a combo breaker and write a story that wasn’t dirty at all.

Nobara Aiko’s dirty dirty sex-filled story.

Yamada 2choume ohoho. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of her characters with a facial expression like that before. :9

And then finally, Tojitsuki Hajime’s story. This one had no sex but a very sassy young man and some dude that looked vaguely like Jesus Christ. Hmm.

And then we will leave off with Aniya’s little profile drawing at the end of the anthology. :>

Moooore fabulous books, as always! I am still slowly slowly working my way through all of my other anthologies and tankoubon. /o\ Sorry I haven’t been posting much!

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5 responses to “more impressions.”

  1. myluv2pop says :

    Ah, I had to restrain myself from peeking at the pics of End Game 2 since I’m still waiting for one of my orders from Japan to come. I can’t wait to read it though! ^_^

    The Baby anthology looks really good! I just got one of my orders yesterday and I got the first anthologies I’ve ever ordered (Bitter and Sweet), and they were SO awesome and cute and beautiful. So I’m looking for new anthologies to order and the Bitch theme looks really good. I’ve gotta remember to order that next week…

    The next Citron looks really good too, especially since it has a Kusama Sakae tokushuu… But I don’t really want to just jump into the middle of a story… Do a lot of the anthologies you order serialize stories? Or are they more of a collection of oneshots? I always only buy tankobon so the whole business with anthologies vs magazines confuses me… ^_^;;

    Random thought, but did you see the tweets that Aniya Yuiji did while listening to the Danshi Meiro drama cd? It was so cute! She was flailing over Nojima Hirofumi’s voice… I’m blanking on the name of the character at the moment… the hair stylist?

    • ふう子 says :

      Oh man it’s really good. Keep a box of tissues handy, though! especially if you’re a crybaby like me. There are some really sad scenes in the second volume of End Game. ;;

      This issue of Baby is fabulous! Actually, I’m sure most issues of Baby are fabulous haha. I also really want the volume with the creepy Kyuugou cover. And re: anthologies, if you don’t like stepping in in the middle of a story then I definitely don’t recommend Citron—that anthology has a lot of ongoing stories. Same with Cab and OPERA. Canna is more likely to have oneshots, but also has a few ongoing stories. Anthologies like Baby, though, and Gush Peche and b-Boy Honey etc. that have themes to each volume that they try to stick with are much more likely to just run small-ish stories and oneshots.

      I did see her tweets! *w* They were super super suuuuper adorable! And I definitely agree with her; Sogawa (the stylist) had a very fitting, lovely voice!

  2. Suimu says :

    Ughh I dislike reading monthly anthologies but i can’t wait until Ootsuki Miu puts out new stuff on tankoubon ~ And I want to read Dora and You-chan’s story since I got to read Danshi Meiro dkfjalskdf ;__; but I don’t want to get the anthology just for ONE story ahhh.

    D: I saw the bitch anthology on sale at animate.. but didn’t get it. Reconsidering now, because I actually got the Syrup: sweet anthology after reading your review XDD.

    • Suimu says :

      oh! forgot to say I definitely can’t wait to get my hands and End Game 1 and 2 as well >< Ughh i wish I didn't spend so much money in Japan.. can't buy anything for a while..

  3. phat008 says :

    Thanks for the summaries! Especially “End Game”…totally looking forward to the second volume, not bc of the sadness, but for the unveiling of truth and love scenes(finally)!! Happy New Year! ^__^

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