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♔ → So. I listened to the Danshi Meiro drama CD. First off, I have two disclaimers: I love Aniya Yuiji. I adore her. If I were a religious person I would worship the ground she walks on. Though many people likely disagree with me, I think she is incredibly talented and I absolutely adore everything she writes. I really adore her. Seriously. You know that one time when I wrote my ‘Love Letter to Jaryuu Dokuro’? If I were to write a love letter to Aniya Yuiji it would be way more gross and weird and everyone would probably stop being friends with me. The second disclaimer is that I do not like seiyuu—at all—which makes BL drama CDs a lot less interesting to me than they are to most people. So. Obviously when I listen to a BL drama, I have a bias toward the original comic because I have no interest in the components that make up the CD.

But anyway, after I said that I can only say that the CD wasn’t bad. That is a compliment coming from me, because this is an adaption of a manga that I love so dearly that it’s really actually just kind of pathetic. They did Dora right, which I was relieved by. His voice was very suiting. You-chan, though… err… orz;; I think he and Masami had the two worst voices. Masami, especially. His was absolutely terrible—why was it so deep?? Why do people with such deep voices exist? It just seemed so unnatural and cheesy. Luckily the rest of Masami and Sogawa’s stories was handled quite nicely. Sadly, though, my favorite scene in the whole book was destroyed with cheesy background music: they played little tinkling bells in the background during Dora and You-chan’s hilari-bad adorable awkward sex scene. ;; So much hate oh mannnnn.

I am just going to appreciate the fact that it didn’t make me want to turn it off after a minute like Me wo Tojite 3byou‘s CD adaption did.

♔ → In happier news actually not relating to Aniya Yuiji for once, though, the cover for Hino Garasu’s upcoming Libre tankoubon was posted up to Chill Chill!

It’s titled Fetish and comes out on January eighth! Very exciting! I bet this book will finally include the two oneshots Blissful Sin scanlated, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

♔ → Citron has updated their site! Citron Blog has actually been super active lately, but you won’t see me complaining. More BL manga for Fuuko. :9 But anyway, they updated the anthology page and I am sad to say that Jaryuu Dokuro is once again absent from this issue. But oh well, You never want to rush art right! I’m still super excited for that next Nimoda Ai chapter, as well as… well… everything? I mean, really, is there anything in Citron that isn’t fabulous? I’m not so sure.

Anyway, for the next issue the cover is Kusama Sakae again! Hooray! /o/ As many of you may recall, Kusama Sakae was actually the artist for the cover of the very first volume of Citron. (Ahhh, I remember it so well~*~) Jaryuu is lined up for the next issue but only time will tell if she’ll stick in the lineup. There’s also more Nimoda Ai, more Psyche Delico, more Aoi Seri, etc. And Aniya is back with her lovely Citron Blog boys!

OH! And Kusama Sakae also has a desktop calendar up here! Hurry and get it before January is over!

♔ → Fuyucomi ends today. ;; How sad. I still have my eyes on Jaryuu and Psyche’s doujinshi, though they’re currently being sold on yjp!a for ridiculous amounts. Errr. Hopefully they’ll be put up on Mandarake at some point for a much less painful price. orz

♔ → Anyway, tomorrow I have this! Look forward to it!

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8 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. kokiden says :

    Thanks for your honest opinions! They’re always enlightening.

    I don’t think I’ve been with you for a full year yet, but thanks for a year of personal commentary, and here’s to a wonderful year of Boys Love! <3 And thanks for the inspiration. You're the reason "we're" doing Me o Tojite 3 Byou. :) And you probably inspired a couple of other things I'm forgetting about too. :p

    • ふう子 says :

      haha you’re welcome—at least saying one’s own opinions is very easy!

      Awww I’m honored that my flailing was the reason you were able to pick up Aniya’s Me wo Tojite. Since it’s my favorite manga that really means a lot. ;; <33

  2. Myluv2pop says :

    I actually really liked the drama cd ( probably because I absolutely adore seiyuu, particularly all the seiyuu in this cd). Kishio Daisuke (Dora) is one of my favorites, so I agree that he fit the role well (my VERY biased opinion ^_^;). But I did like the other seiyuu in this too.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Kusama Sakae calendar! She’s fast becoming one of my favorite BL mangaka.

    • Myluv2pop says :

      Ah! I just took a look at the calendar and it’s from Match Uri!!! <3333 So pretty!!

      Sorry, I had to be able share my enthusiasm with someone ^_^;

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha yes, that was probably a big help. For me it’s all about the original comic, so if it doesn’t stand up to the way I see the comic in my mind then I have a hard time enjoying it. I did really really like Kodama and Shin’s part, though—I thought their voices were very suiting and there wasn’t too much obnoxious background music haha. And Dora’s voice was very cute, I agree! I think he did a very nice job portraying Dora.

      No problem!

  3. Suimu says :

    Ahh I’ve never read Danshi Meiro, but when I read “why do people with such deep voices exist” I automatically jumped to the conclusion that it must be my favorite seiyuu Yasumoto Hiroki (: (whom I would legit marry even though he’s like late 30s and has a girlfriend) …. AND I WAS RIGHT :D. Sorry you didn’t like it, yah sometimes drama cds don’t really do mangas justice and being a huge seiyuu otaku like me def helps XDD; But I’m definitely going to give this a listen now hahaha.

    Ah, question too, I was at fuyucomi all three days, but I never found psyche’s circle? I knew jaryuu dokuro was going from the beginning so I managed to get a copy of her newest doujinshi (: … man her table was surprisingly empty … crazy the difference between the online community and event community if people are paying that much for her doujinshi.

  4. mango says :

    Hello :) Long time no commenting … been so busy with work and the holidays ^^

    Anyways regarding Hino Garasu’s new book … to be honest I was VERY disappointed with her first book by Drap! The art was really not that I expected. It was almost deformed/ugly looking compared to what I’m used to. I buy her doujinshi and read a few scanlated oneshots of her work and I wasn’t really expecting her first book to be slight different from what I see it as. Or maybe I’m crazy @_@ I don’t know why but I just felt it looked a little different. However, I am looking forward to buying her next book by Libre and we’ll see what happens ^^ The cover looks awesome :)

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