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No seriously. Didn’t you realize this blog is technically a “BL manga + any information about Aniya Yuiji even if it is not BL-related” blog? You didn’t? Well. Now you know. 8|

In late January Aniya Yuiji will actually be releasing the tankoubon for ‘Dino Moon’, her story that she had running in Wings. (Though according to her blog she now has a new story in there. YESSSS moar Aniya Yuiji forever and ever.)

And then I was so excited that I drooled all over myself. To be honest I would have loved to read this much sooner, but while BL magazines are generally a sure bet toward being worth my moneyI’m generally leery about randomly purchasing shoujo and josei publications. (Though Wings does admittedly seem like one of the better magazines aimed toward such a demographic as far as fitting my own tastes goes.) So this tankoubon release really could not have come soon enough.

Come to me, January! This will be a great Valentine’s present for a fujoshi like me haha.

(Though actually in early February she’ll be having a meet & greet in Tokyo which is a little heart-breaking for me since… well… I will not be in Tokyo on February fifth to get my own copy of the book signed. ;; Will any other lucky people be in Tokyo on the fifth? Maybe? lmao so pitiful. orz)


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