the most beautiful things you will see all week.

I actually finally saw this yesterday via Chill Chill but I figured I had better keep my posts to one-a-day while I’m currently lacking in time and things to post about. But Aniya Yuiji’s Baby cover for the “BITCH!” theme has finally been posted up! It’s glorious and sexy and sassy and everything I could have possibly wanted from an Aniya Yuiji cover of an anthology with a theme like “BITCH!” attached to it.

Then in more exciting news Aniya’s BFF Psyche Delico also posted a few days back on twitter (sorry for the late post on it—I was weeks behind on my BL filters! And still in the process of getting caught up…) about her latest doujinshi release.

Obviously also gorgeous, amazing, stunning, etc. For anyone who has read Psyche’s Junai Eroki (or even just my obnoxiously long review), it’s Micchan and Hanae! I guess they were just about everyone’s favorite couple haha. Though speaking of Junai Eroki, its popularity is actually staying strong and it’s currently sticking at #4 on Chill Chill’s top review ranking. Very brilliant! I’m super happy for Psyche Delico and can’t wait to get my hands on this doujinshi as soon as it’s released!

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