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Sorry about the lack of updates! As I said on iamfujoshi, the weeks before Christmas are a bit hectic and terrible so even when I have something to post about I generally don’t have time to put in the effort to post it. Hopefully after Christmas things will slow down and I’ll have plenty of BL news to talk about (such as the covers of Nanahikari and Baby and so many other books as well as a proper review of the latest issue of HertZ) and enough time to talk about them.

But today I have a bit of time before heading out to work so here’s a quick release update.

First we have a new tankoubon for Umematsu Machie’s story for LYNX. I have read this whole thing in the actual magazine but I am always excited for more Umematsu so this is still great news.

This one, I’m not sure what to think; Mad Cinderella only has three chapters so far if I recall correctly and I believe the other stuff she had running in HertZ was already released in the tankoubon from just a couple months back. So I’m wondering if this will have stuff that never ran in the magazine, or maybe also have a collection of stories originally published under other publishers. It will be interesting to see once it comes out!

This one kind of made me squeal in my computer chair: Ano Ko ga Kare wo Suki na Riyuu by Mieno Saori. I absolutely adoooore Mieno Saori and this is a collection of the stories she had running after her first tankoubon was released but before she started her story with Riwo. I only have one chapter of her works from that time so I’m super, super excited.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is having a lovely holiday season. If I can’t find time to update again before it, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it (I’m talking more about the consumer holiday tbh—not the religious one! Though if you celebrate religiously that’s fine too!) and here’s to a nice, BL-filled pre-Christmas week!

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