Baby it’s cold outside.

There are really too many puns you can make off the name of this publishing line…

Anyway, so today I was doing some fact checking which included making a quick stop at Baby’s website. There was only one thing I wanted to look at real quick, but since I was there I figured I would double check the release date of the latest anthology, which is for later this month. Christmas Eve, actually. But when I went to check, I noticed they now filled in their information for the mangaka in the next issue. Which actually includes THIS—

—to which my reaction was first to go “BITCH you haven’t mentioned this on twitter even once!” and then just have a full-fledged ‘oh my god aniya yuiji oh my god oh my god ahhhhhh oh my goddddd’ freak-out. Aniya Yuiji, this is just what you do to me. But seriously you guys! Ahhh Aniya Yuiji. ;A; December is a good month to be alive! Merry Christmas to me! It’s just too bad she doesn’t have a story, but w/e when you buy things published under the Baby line you get a free high-quality postcard of the cover illustration so that will 100% be worth it for me.

And the fact that it has Tojitsuki Hajime and Mochimeko and a million other fabulous BL mangaka doesn’t hurt…

(Also, have I pointed out yet that the latest Baby anthology theme is ‘BITCH’?? Because that’s worth pointing out. Because it’s hilarious.)

And then for anyone who is a ridiculous Aniya Yuiji otaku like me, Citron Blog also updated again today with the completed Aniya Yuiji cover. Looking gorgeous! I love the soft, gentle color scheme they chose to fit the illustration. It really can’t get any better than that.

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6 responses to “Baby it’s cold outside.”

  1. soondark says :

    Mygosh, what a theme LOL
    I’ve always liked Baby’s covers, I hope this one is just as wonderful :)

  2. Myluv2pop says :

    I have to admit that I’ve never read an Aniya Yuiji manga yet. I do want to read Danshi Meiro before the drama cd comes out though. Any suggestions for other titles to read? I love her art style (what I’ve seen of it), so I’mkind of excited to read her work.

    And the theme is hilarious!! I went to Kinokuniya yesterday, and I found out that they carry anthologies!! I have been missing out! I hope that they’ll carry this next issue of Baby too. It sounds too fun to resist. ^_^

    • ふう子 says :

      Danshi Meiro is very brilliant, I totally recommend it! But to be honest, I love Aniya Yuiji a lot and am thus biased so I can only say I really recommend all of her manga (even her non-BL titles). However, my personal favorite of her’s is Me wo Tojite 3byou, published through drap. That story is very touching and brilliant and I just adore it.

      Oh yay, have fun getting some anthologies then! /o/ Which ones do you plan on buying?

      • myluv2pop says :

        Ah, that’s where it gets hard. I’ve never bought an anthology before, because I usually wait for the tankobon. But, from what friends have told me and what I’ve seen, I think that Cab, Citron, Craft, and HertZ are the ones that I’m most interested in. Do you have any favorite anthologies?

        • ふう子 says :

          My personal favorites are Cab, HertZ, Citron and Canna. HertZ is absolutely huge and thus you get the most bang for your buck—it also has a lot of amazing mangaka and stories but isn’t quite as light on dirty scenes as its sister anthology CRAFT. Cab is very small but cheaper and introduces you to a lot of debuting and lesser-known mangaka with stories that are a bit weird but interesting. Same with Citron and Canna, which are about average-size. Citron has a bit more drama and more series-type stories whereas Canna tends to be a bit more fluffy, light on H scenes and has more oneshots. I don’t buy CRAFT, though, so I can’t really say much about that one.

          Other anthologies that I like but don’t necessarily buy often are Baby and OPERA. Baby is great because the quality is high, it has interesting mangaka and always comes with a snazzy extra postcard of the cover art. How dirty it is depends on the theme. OPERA is a bit… uhh… idk I get frustrated with OPERA sometimes since it tries really hard to be That Unusual BL Anthology and sometimes just doesn’t feel enough like BL to me. orz;;

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