shaking & crying, etc.

SO lately Citron blog has been oddly active considering they pretty much didn’t update for all of November. Boo to that, since for a while it seemed like they were trying to make the Citron Danshi’s something of their own little series/fandom. (Which I would have loved because I TOTALLY ship Akamine and Kuroda okay.) But they posted just the other day about signed Kitabeppu Nica stuff, which I didn’t want to post about on here since it would pretty much consist of me being all “bawww Kitabeppu Nica signed this bawwwww I can’t get it since I don’t live in Japan!!” etc.

But then they posted today.

And it totally takes the cake over signed Kitabeppu Nica stuff any day. (Which says a lot, because I love Kitabeppu Nica.)

Aniya Yuiji’s cover of Citron volume six. I saw it and I’m currently on my ~womanly, emotional~ time of the month so I literally cried a bit. DON’T JUDGE ME I have just been trying so long to patiently wait for Aniya Yuiji to write BL manga again. ;; Seriously. Every time a new issue of drap or BOY’S Pierce or any other BL magazine and anthology she has ever been in comes out I look at the ‘upcoming issue’ and have the smallest glimmer of hope that she’ll have a new story. Yes, she has a story in OPERA, but… well… the thing about OPERA is that it tries so hard to be an ‘abnormal’ BL anthology that half the time it doesn’t read like BL. (And half the time she isn’t even in OPERA since half the time they have more than one chapter by the same mangaka… /BITTER lmao) So her story from there is so slow-going and not-BL-feeling that it just doesn’t do it for me. And I do love Aniya Yuiji’s shoujo and josei manga, really, I do. But my favorite manga genre will always be BL. That’s, sadly, just how I operate.

But this. This is what I have been waiting for ever since the release of Me wo Tojite 3byou. This is what I have waited more than half a year for. Aniya Yuiji is writing a BL story for a BL anthology that actually feels like BL. And not only that—this is actually the addition to Danshi Meiro, Dora and You-chan’s story ten years later. For those who don’t know, Danshi Meiro is my second-favorite Aniya Yuiji manga and Dora and Youichi are my favorite couple she has written. So. Everything about this is just so amazingly gorgeous that I couldn’t help feeling a bit moved when I saw it. It just 110% makes up for all the disappointment in feeling like she was going to do like Yamashita Tomoko and seem to stop writing BL once she starts on shoujo.

Sadly, since it’s just a continuation story I doubt she’ll be in the next issue and the issue after that, etc. But this is still something and it’s really something amazing.


2 responses to “shaking & crying, etc.”

  1. kokiden/Barbara says :

    Congrats, hon! I’m happy for you :D

  2. soondark says :

    Wow, that’s a very pretty cover! *-*
    But… I have yet to read any Aniya Yuuki work, so I can’t say much.
    I’m also happy for you :D

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