Moe Danshi Gatari 2

Hello everyone! Guess what came in the mail today! That’s right, Moe Danshi Gatari 2. (Also, Ootsuki Miu’s latest tankoubon but I’ll save talking about that for a little later…) It’s pretty much as beautiful as I was expecting, if not more beautiful. I am so excited for this I can barely hold it all in, so of course I just have to post about it. You can’t say you weren’t expecting this.

I was originally planning to just take a couple pictures of my personal favorites but that somehow turned into, like, twenty-four images. Oops. Oh well, at least I didn’t take the entire book.

First is Aoi Seri!! Literally first, haha. Sorry my picture of her’s is kind of crappy. ;A; As expected, her illustration is ‘funwari perm danshi’, or a boy with gently fluffy permed hair. Very cute. Obviously, this is the type of boy she draws most often haha.

Asou Mitsuaki had ‘symmetry danshi’. Which is pretty much self-explanatory lmao.

Then we have Uno Jinia, who I have seen only in Citron so far personally. Her illustration is very interesting, I think, with her theme ‘kamen danshi’ or ‘masked boy’.

Umematsu Machie!! Her coloring is always just so gorgeous, I think. Her theme is ‘neoki danshi’, or a boy who has just woken up. Very cute! He looks like a much better morning person than me.

Then is Kashima with ‘gantai megane danshi’. A boy with glasses over an eyepatch. Her illustration is very beautiful. I only had heard of her vaguely before so her illustration was a surprising treat for me.

Kinoshita Keiko’s ‘tatami danshi’. Sorry you can’t really see the background in the image I took. orz;;

Kusama Sakae’s ‘kanyou shokubutsu danshi’! I really love this one! The background is so beautifully detailed and colorful (green is my favorite color so I love all the different shades she used haha) and I just love the look on his face while he’s caring for his plants. Absolutely brilliant. I knew Kusama Sakae would never let me down.

Kumota Haruko is pretty much the queen of the book this time around and her theme is ‘long-haired boy’, or ‘ronge danshi’. Such a cute and playful illustration. I love how much personality Kumota injects in her artwork.

Komine Kevin’s as well—her’s is so cute I just about melted when I saw it. As you would easily know from her stories, Kevin Komine does really fluffy, sweet work and this illustration is no exception. I’m not altogether sure what ‘sakotsu danshi’ (‘sakotsu’ = collarbone?) means since it will take me a while before I can even consider reading her essay, but at this point it doesn’t really matter.

Kodama Yuki’s ‘hidarikiki danshi’, or a left-handed boy. Her illustration is very clever—unlike everyone else, the boy is unthinkingly reaching over with his left hand to swipe his train card. Very cute, and such a nice illustration idea for such a simple concept.

Then we have Cotorino Deathco’s ‘kaigai danshi’, or a boy who is currently abroad. That’s some amazingly blond hair right there.

For Konjiki Runa it’s all about ‘hokuro danshi’, or a boy with one or many beauty marks or moles. This is definitely believable since many of her characters have beauty marks. Her illustration is gorgeous—the boy reminds me of Kaede from her latest HertZ story.

Saikawa Nanawo’s ‘jare-ai danshi’. To be honest, I’m not really sure what ‘jare-ai’ means?? But I though this image was too cute to not share.

For SHOOWA it’s ‘nayameru danshi’, or a troubled boy.

Natsume Isaku’s ‘gakkari danshi’. For some reason this one made me laugh for like five minutes. idk maybe I’m just weird.

Then we have the lovely, amazing, flawless, etc. Nimoda Ai with her silver-haired boy, ‘ginpatsu danshi’. He is very cute—I can see why she’d fall for that type.

Hideyoshiko’s illustration is ‘ji no kitanai danshi’, or a boy with shitty handwriting haha.

One I was very excited about: Hirakita Yuya’s ‘kibukure danshi’, or a boy who is bundled against the cold. Just as I thought, this illustration is just sd;lgjs;gs so cute oh my gosh. So, so cute. I just cannot get enough of it—brb sitting and staring at it for an hour.

Machiko Madoka’s is ‘outdoor danshi’—very self-explanatory. Her illustration is so fun and colorful.

Morozumi Sumitomo’s ‘kamoku massive danshi’, or a boy who is huge and buff but nonetheless quiet and shy. Such a sweet concept from Morozumi. And her illustration definitely goes along well—that boy is beast-size massive.

Yamada 2choume’s ‘koteiteki danshi’. A boy who is family-oriented. :> So cute rofl he’s shopping with (and spoiling) his little brother.

And then for the final one I’m sharing, we have Yukimura’s ‘sagyoufuku megane danshi’, a boy who wears glasses and is wearing unform work clothing. Very silly and cute.

Anyway, if you want to see the other illustrations you should really buy the book! Just like with the first one, it’s totally worth the money—even if, like me, you can’t really read the essays that well it can still be treated as an artbook and is very enjoyable to look at. Plus I didn’t share all of the illustrations I particularly liked so you’ll just have to get your own copy to see them all for yourself. :9

But finally, I want to talk about a beautiful and wondrous advertisement in the back of the book.

“Dame Boy’s Love Anthology, 2011 Early Summer On Sale!”

For a while I was like “……what the fuck is ‘dame BL’? Where have I heard that before? Isn’t there already something like that? It sounds so familiar…” But then it hit me! Remember earlier this year when the mangaka on twitter were buzzing with this idea of ‘dame BL’—BL that is maybe a little weird for it’s genre that they would love to see or write even though it would likely never get okay’d by a publisher? They all referred to that as their ‘dame BL’. So I am absolutely stoked—if this anthology is what I think it is, it’s going to combine all those crazy, weird, fascinating ideas by all those mangaka from various different parts of fandom and give a voice to all their weirdest BL fantasies. This seriously cannot come out fast enough!

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19 responses to “Moe Danshi Gatari 2”

  1. soondark says :

    Omg! *—* They’re so.incredibly.cute. My sis just saw this too, and now he wants to buy it (yay!). Thank you for posting this, all of the artwork is amazing. Sorry, I just can’t stop fangirling lol
    By the way, what do you mean by weirdest fantasies? o.o

    • ふう子 says :

      She should totally get it—it’s very worth the money and oh so pretty. I hope she enjoys it!

      Haha that was just phrased oddly. I meant the weirdest types of BL stories that they would fantasizing about seeing or being able to write.

  2. Myluv2pop says :

    I’m still waiting for this to stock up on Kinokuniya, but I just could not resist taking a peak at your lovely overview. Now I’m super excited to get this! The jareai danshi and kateiteiki danshi look adorable!! But then again so do all the others. ^_^

    So this is definitely on my list of things to order this week (along with Aiso Tsukashi and the sequel novel). Aida Saki x Yamada Yugi <3

    • Myluv2pop says :

      And the dame BL anthology sounds awesome!! I wonder what kind of situations are so maniac that they’d get turned down by the publishers… There are some weird stories out there (Sex Pistols comes to mind immediately). ^_^

      • ふう子 says :

        I wonder what kinds of stories will be inside as well! Sadly, I can’t remember any of the stories the mangaka were thinking up while the ‘dame BL’ theme was the current hot topic (though I think Kumota Haruko said something about ‘grandpa BL’ haha) and the nature of twitter is that it’s almost impossible to go back and find old tweets from months ago. Sad. orz I’m sure they’ll be brilliant, though!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I’m often the same way with Kijitora’s reviews for anthologies and manga that I’m waiting to buy—I want to not read what she says and spoil myself, but at the same time I can’t resist!

      I hope you like it when you’re finally able to order it! :3

  3. Suimu says :

    Haven’t seen Uno Jinia’s work before this, but I love the style! Will look forward to seeing more of her in the future~

    Also omggg Natsume-sensei’s Gakkari danshi LOLOLOL. Awww I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if it turned out like that XDD I think the gap between the background image and the foreground image of him is really cute hahahahah.

    • ふう子 says :

      Her stories are actually very silly, so I was surprised to see such a serious and lovely illustration by her haha.

      I agree—that one made me laugh a lot more than it probably should have.

  4. natsuko says :

    long time lurker, first time poster here – just wanted to hop in and tell you how much I appreciate all these reviews/recs you post. You don’t know how many new fabulous mangaka you’ve introduced me to! Thank you so much :)

    p.s. jareru (in infinitive form, I think) means to be playful/play around, so jare-ai is probably something along the lines of being really friendly and touchy with other male friend/lover

    • ふう子 says :

      Oh yay, thank your for deciding to comment! And thank you very much for telling me about ‘jareru’—I have completely never learned that very before so it’s very useful!

  5. YuKaname says :

    Ohhhh this looks awesome! Definitely going on my Christmas list.

    about the jare-ai, jareru means to be playful or joke around or flirt, so maybe that’s like, flirty love.

    I hope you read more of the essays and post about it! +-+ This book is so awesome.

    • ふう子 says :

      Ooooh what other books are on your Christmas list?

      And thanks—that definitely makes sense.

      Sadly, I doubt my Japanese will be good enough to feel comfortable translating essays like this any time soon. orz;; Sorry! I’ll still try my best to read them, though!

      • YuKaname says :

        My Christmas list is:

        Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou by Suzuki Ami & Itsuki Kaname (one of my favorite artists) the manga, third volume <3 <3

        Moe Danshi Gatari 1 &2 :ddd yum

        Dolce by Kitazawa Kyou (oh my god this person is my new love)

        Hoshi wa Utau (non-bl) vol 9.

        Something by Ootsuki Miu…

        I also want to get Hino Garasu's Renai Kidou but I don't know if I can get it on BK1.

        Do you have any plans to buy things over the Holidays?

  6. YuKaname says :

    ah sorry someone already posted on the jare thing. I wasn’t paying attention D:

    • ふう子 says :

      no it’s fine—it was a comment from a first-time commenter, and WordPress generally screens comments by people who have never commented before just to make sure the blog admin is okay with that person commenting and the content of their comment, etc. Which is why you didn’t see the comment. But even so, it’s fine to tell me the same information twice—I’d rather learn something new many times over than never learn it at all! :3

      • YuKaname says :

        Btw, please don’t feel stressed about the essays. You don’t have to translate them, but it’d be nice if you could post your impression on them even if you don’t read the whole thing. :)

  7. kepompong says :

    OMG laiufheauihflauh!! Dame BL anthology!!! lauhgfral lauefu aohfueha]
    uicahe; aie;ac

    Too excited. to. speak! lafhjue!!!!

    • ふう子 says :

      I KNOW RIGHT! sd;gljs;d I pretty much just ran around the room shrieking when I realized what ‘dame BL’ meant and where I had heard about it before! So exciting! *A*

  8. potatomato says :

    I wish I can buy that in my country… I can’t even buy any single bl manga here ( in my country ) even when i wanted to buy online…they’re not even ship here…why oh whyyyyy??!!

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