Fujoshi Baton, redux

The cover of Kusama Sakae’s tankoubon was posted: click! That’s not necessarily why I’m updating, though, haha.

I thought I would redo this as it’s been almost a year since I originally posted it. And we all know that tastes and knowledge can really change in the course of a year, especially considering I started buying more of my own BL manga, started paying more attention to publishers and magazines and actual trends and such. Plus I just generally have a better understanding of fujoshi culture now that I’ve actually been immersed to it while needing to search for content on this blog. So it should be interesting to see how much my preferences have changed.

As was the same as before, my translation is probably very shoddy. My Japanese hasn’t improved much this year, oddly, haha. Sadly! If you have any corrections please let me know!
(* changed some of the questions, etc. for added accuracy thanks you myluv2pop in the comments! Thank you very much to her!)


(When did you become an otaku (non-yaoi) and a Fujoshi (yaoi)? Answer each respectively.)

As stated previously, I first got into anime with Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo. I first started being interested in yaoi-type content when Gundam Wing was brought to the US and I stumbled on a doujinshi site for it while searching for new information. These past couple years I’ve been really getting to BL manga as its own fandom after having too much time on my hands due to a temp job ending. I had aaaaaaaall day to get caught up on years and years of BL manga.

(What was the first series you liked slash for? Please tell the couple.)

Gundam Wing, Heero and Duo. Though I also liked Trowa and Quatre.

(What was your first actual BL series?)

Original answer: Boring answer, but I think it was Earthian? It was relatively big in small yaoi circles in the west, and so I watched the anime. I really didn’t like the anime, though–which should be understandable to anyone who has ever watched the anime for Earthian and also read the manga. The anime is really bad, rofl.

(What is the first BL game you played?)

Miracle Noton! /o/ Since then I have played not that many more, to be honest—setting them up on my computer is a pain in the ass. The only one I’ve played to completion since Noton was Nessa no Rakuen. Which is a very sexy game btw. I still need to buy Emaru Jon’s novel just to ogle her artwork.

(What’s the first BL drama CD you bought?)

I haven’t bought any and I probably never will—BL CD dramas are cool and all but they will never replace the original manga for me. Plus I don’t have any interest at all in seiyuu. So. I’d rather buy five manga for the price of one CD haha.

(When was your first doujin event debut?)

I have never been to a doujin event. 8( The joys of being a foreign fan of a Japanese fandom.

(Do you have a doujin site?*)

rofl I’m not really talented (or confident) enough. I’ve considered writing my own BL story before but I don’t think it would be very good.


(Concerning the ‘seme’: Assign them to your preferences.
[◎=Something I love!、○=Like relatively well、△=Don’t like very much、×= give me a break!])

オヤジ (older men) → ○
ショタ (shota) → △
鬼畜 (brutish) → ×
強引 (pushy) → ○
へたれ (pitiful) → ◎!!
ワンコ (devoted) → ◎
ワイルド (wild) → ○
ツンデレ (tsundere) → ○ (still think tsundere uke is much cuter)
不器用 (awkward) → ◎
メガネ (glasses) → ○


(Concerning the ‘uke’: Assign them to your preferences.
[◎=Something I love!、○=Like relatively well、△=Don’t like very much、×=give me a break!]

オヤジ (older men) → ○
ショタ (shota) → ○
女王様 (queen-type) → ◎!
誘い受 (‘inviting’ type) → ◎!!!
襲い受 (‘top’ type) → ◎
ワンコ (devoted) → ○
ワイルド (wild) → ◎
ツンデレ (tsundere) → ◎
けなげ (pure) → ○
メガネ (glasses) → ○/△ (I like shy megane-type, but not severe megane-type.)


(Concerning the writing style and situation: Assign them to your preferences.
[◎=Something I love!、○=Like relatively well、△=Don’t like very much、×=give me a break!]

アホアホ (idiots) → ◎
ダーク (dark) → ×
リーマンもの (salary men) → ○
学園もの (school setting) → ◎
幼馴染み (childhood friends) → ◎
主従もの (master/servant) → ○
時代物 (period drama) → △
ファンタジー (fantasy) → △
総ホモ (100% homo) → ◎
複数プレイ (threesome, etc.) → × (I like these only sometimes, sorry.)
リバ (role reversal) → ○
下克上 (‘subordinate overtaking superior’) → ○
女体化 (feminization) → ○
方言 (dialect) → △ (ehh this is an actual situation?! Perhaps it’s slang that I don’t know…)
年の差 (large age difference) → ○


(Please tell us the hottest coupling setup, in your opinion!
i.e. no-good type x queen, superior x subordinate, etc.)

Childhood friends, brothers, and I really really reaaaaally love the tsundere type uke with wanko type seme.

(Please give a type that isn’t in the above list that makes you excited or dissatisfied!)

Original answer: I’ll agree with the girl I stole this from–I really like ‘rival’ type affairs! Also delinquents or badass boys, like in Dog Style.

One that I don’t like very much is kidnapper/rapist and the person they kidnapped or raped. Those ones don’t really do it for me. I also really dislike seme-type with long blond, wavey hair! I’m not sure why this is… I just can’t take them seriously.


(Do you currently have any authors that you seek out to buy? (As many people as you want!))

Over the past year or so I have become obsessed with mangaka, so yes there are a loooooot of specific mangaka I seek out. Aniya Yuiji, Ootsuki Miu, Kumota Haruko, Kobato Mebaru and Ogura Muku are ~my main ladies~ but I also adore Kusama Sakae, Jaryuu Dokuro, Kojima Lalako, Yamada Torico, Sakamoto Mano, Yamamoto Kotetsuko, Hino Garasu, etc. etc. etc. The list is pretty obnoxiously long at this point lmfao.

(Around how many of the BL monthyly magazines do you buy?)

OH GOSH lmao. I am a huge sucker for the magazines and anthologies. 8( I’m like a drug junkie when it comes to them I swear. I will always always buy drap, Canna, HertZ, Cab, Citron, LYNX. The ones I can take or leave depending on which mangaka are in each month are RuTiLe, Daria, Boy’s LOVE, BOY’S Pierce, Chara, OPERA, etc. Though lately I’ve been stuck buying RuTiLe regularly since I want to always know what’s happening with Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Lucky Number 13. :< Boooo.

(Around how many BL comics do you buy each month?)

Uhhh it really depends on how many mangaka I like are releasing something new, but I guess I average at around six or so tankoubon a month. I would buy more but I also buy the magazines and so the order gets expensive pretty fast. Lately, though, since I’ve been paying more attention to covers of debuting artists and other artists I wasn’t necessarily interested in before I’ve started wanting more tankoubon. And my amazon.jp wishlist is ever-expending. Ugh. Thanks for reminding me how much money I spend on this stuff (and would spend if I could!)  each month baton meme. orz;;


(Currently, what’s the ‘in’ genre (or work)?
Please talk about your thoughts on this trend.)

Well, one trend that has been taking off lately that I’m really not into is “KawaBusu”, or “uglycute”. I suppose this became popular due to the insane popularity of Aitsu no Daihonmei, but it lost its general interest for me shortly after it started getting big imo. I don’t like the huge focus on appearance of the unattractive characters, and I wish this trend would die. Seriously. Please just die already. We don’t need more anthologies published with just this theme.

Still on the rise as well is the ‘real gay’ type manga, which I am still loving and probably always will love. More and more mangaka seem to either have a real understanding of what gay people go through and have to deal with, or are at least educating themselves on the topic a bit more, and I find it a really refreshing step away from the whole “magically fell in love with some random guy regardless of previous sexual preferences” thing. I love how even the mangaka who do write about more ‘gay’ situations still also try to put that BL romanticism in there, unlike a lot of the ‘real gay’ manga written in the 90s that focused a lot on the promiscuity of gay scenes and aids and all this depressing stuff. There was just too much tragedy and pain and horrible crap in the older ‘real gay’ manga so this new tendency to write more ‘slice of life’ light type BL manga with a twist of realistic homosexual content is really great. It’s not so dramatically cheesy as “I’m not actually gay but I fell in love with my male best friend!” but also doesn’t make being gay look like some horrible tragic event that’s going to ruin your life.

I also like the rise in sex scenes that include conscientious use of condoms and lube haha. It’s not really important in my opinion (I won’t scoff and roll my eyes at scenes where the condoms and such aren’t obviously used—that would just be silly) but it makes me smile when I see it.

Another trend that I’m not so into at the moment though is gachimuchi, which I can kind of take or leave (depending on the hairiness of the characters lmfao) but I’d prefer the generic well-groomed, normal-body-size men in your average BL manga. I’m personally not into super manly dudes who are just bursting at the seams with testosterone so I don’t get much joy out of watching them have sex, sorry! Luckily, this one seems to be fading a bit. Perhaps herbivore men are becoming popular among fujoshi again.

As for ‘works’ that are currently in style: Abe Miyuki’s Super Lovers. I haven’t read it! My friend said it was really good, though, so perhaps I should play catch-up with the rest of fandom haha. I tend to avoid Abe Miyuki’s work since they still have a feeling of light early 2000-era shounen ai and tend to get unnecessarily long (which is my manga pet peeve), but I’ll give this one a shot. ZE is nearing completion and so is also on everyone’s minds. Yamane Ayano’s Crimson Spell just released a new tankoubon to a lot of fanfare but I have no interest in that since… well… I’m sure you all already know how I feel about works by Yamane Ayano, so I won’t bother. I’m surprised that Aiso Tsukashi isn’t in any of the top-seller rankings but I guess I’m mistaking the popularity it has in the English fandom with the popularity it doesn’t have so much in the Japanese fandom. As for upcoming hopes in the top-seller list, I hope Ootsuki Miu’s new book does well!! It probably won’t, though, haha. Hopefully Moe Dnashi Gatari 2 will start another trend toward seeking out lesser-known mangaka. And then the fourth (and hopefully final?) volume of Aitsu no Daihonmei is released soon so I’m sure that one will be a hit.

【In Closing】

(Please name five people you’ll pass the baton to.)

Well. The only other English blogs I follow are Haphazardly Curious and Yuu no Higoto, so. If they want to, then I tag them! And of course if you just want to do the baton, you can. No pressure! Haha.

6 responses to “Fujoshi Baton, redux”

  1. myluv2pop says :

    What a fun little meme! Gundam Wing was one of my first fandoms when I got into BL! 2×1, 3×4, wow, it’s been a while since I’ve thought about them!

    If you’re interested in BL games, I would definitely recommend anything by Nitro Chiral, especially Sweet Pool! So good…!

    For me, BL cd’s are a big attraction to BL (other than the manga and novels). I’m a huge seiyuu fan, so that may be why. (Intercommunications, a big BL drama cd production company, closed yesterday because of bankruptcy though… I’m still a little down about it ;_;)

    Anyways… oh! Um, just some thoughts. 勘弁して下さい (kanben shitekudasai) means something along the lines of “Give me a break” though in a slightly more polite way. And けなげ in this context (talking about uke or girls) means “pure”. 下克上 (gekokujou) indicates a power imbalance, like a subordinate overpowering a superior or someone younger topping someone older, etc. It’s not necessarily about age.

    I am so excited for the next (and last) Ze tankoubon to come out! And the new Moe Danshi Gatari and the last tankoubon of Punch! Just a question though. How much on average would you say you pay for shipping from amazon.co.jp is to the US? I really want to buy some anthologies but I’m afraid the shipping will kill me. I wish Kinokuniya would stock BL magazines. ^_^

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I think Gundam Wing is a gateway drug for quite a lot of people! Sadly I actually just recently sold away the last of my GW doujinshi. The end of an era haha.

      I’ve played some of the Nitro+ Chrial games actually. My only problem with them is I’m not a huge fan of blood and violence—I’m not against it, but I just don’t really like it. I really enjoyed the part of Lamento I played, though! I fell head over heels for Asato tbh, so I ended up not feeling able to play the other routes.

      And I heard about Intercommunication from Asunaro. :< That's really too bad. It feels like not that long ago that I was checking through their recent releases.

      Oh yay, thank you for the corrections! With someone at my Japanese level it's hard to look up stuff like that, especially if it's meant in a more jargon-ish way. I'll edit those in so other people who do this baton won't have to deal with those mistakes.

      I am also waiting (impatiently!) for the next volume of Punch sdfg;ljsdg;sd I cannot wait to read it in full and see their supposedly happy ending. ;; Some of the last chapters in that story were so dramatic and painful to read that I'm just dying to read something happy between that pair. As for shipping with amazon.jp, it depends on how many books you get. But the way I explain it to most people is that upfront you have a 1700 shipping fee for one book. With every book you add to the order, the shipping goes up 300. So with 14 or so books you would have a total of 5600 for shipping. 1700 + (300 x 13) haha. That's why it's better to buy in bulk with amazon.jp—otherwise you might end up with the shipping costing more than the actual order.

  2. Kei says :

    I also really dislike seme-type with long blond, wavey hair! I’m not sure why this is… I just can’t take them seriously.

    Haha, this, every single time. It almost feels like a running joke.

    Hmm yeah, and I get what you mean with the kawabusu trend. Some of the stories are sweet like Ike Reibun’s oneshot in a busaiku anthology, but in that case the uke was more socially awkward than unattractive. In a way it’s actually a strange genre where the ‘ugly’ characters aren’t even particularly ‘ugly’, you know? Just different from the typical pretty-boy face type.

    • ふう子 says :

      I am so glad I’m not alone in that! Ugh I just cringe every single time I see a character with long wavey golden hair and I just can’t read it. It’s also similar for characters with long, silver hair. It’s just such an obnoxiously ‘fantasy’ hair style that I can’t take it seriously—especially outside of a fantasy setting. orz;;

      Ahh I really like the ‘socially awkward’ ones, tbh. \o/ If this trend had a lot more of that, I would actually not mind it. Perhaps since I consider personality to be a defining trait and so I don’t mind the focus being on that particular subject, but I feel like a person shouldn’t be defined by their appearance so it gets old fast when that’s the only thing people seem to be focusing on. I would really adore and welcome more ‘social outcast’ stories that focus on personality! Appearance? Not so much.

  3. Queen says :

    Hahaha I have to take the baton then! It seems like a very fun thing to do…but it might take a while ^^ I haven’t even finished the 35 days meme! Such a big procrastinator…sigh.

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