drap 01/11

Technically, I suppose this is considered the first drap issue of the year: January 2011. So I have read something from 2011 now and it’s not even 2011 yet. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why magazines do that, but oh well.

This issue was quite good! It had a lot of mangaka I’m personally not particularly interested in, but at the same time all the mangaka it had that I love completely made up for it. Especially Ootsuki Miu. Because my life pretty much just revolves around everything Ootsuki Miu releases at any certain time.

As always, viewer discretion is advised—this issue of drap actually had some pretty filthy H scenes, so.

First is Nekota Yonezou’s latest chapter which is sd;lgjs;dgs idek. You know that guy who popped up in the last chapter who had some weird fascination with Fumi’s body? Yeah. He’s kind of creepy. And Fumi seemed to get turned on while being touched by him. Please don’t be unfaithful toward Shunpei, Fumi! :<

Also, next year is supposedly the 10th anniversary of Nekota Yonezou becoming a mangaka so congratulations to her! She’s brilliant so I’m definitely glad she chose this career path.

Here is an Est Em advertisement illustration I keep seeing lately.

Then it’s Nekota Yonezou’s BFF Tennouji Mio, who is also glorious. Her story had a lot of sexual harassment in the office. My favorite kind of fictional office behavior between men, oh yes. Also, can I just say I’m always struck by how pretty Tennouji’s art is? Because it is pretty.

THEN IS MIO JUNTA OH MY GOSH. I get so excited when I get to read her work because she never releases anything in the select group of magazines I buy! So sad. :< Actually, she’s releasing a tankoubon on February first: Love Monster through Asuka Comics. Mark your calendars!

OKAY AND THEN!!! Ootsuki Miu! /o/ What we have all been waiting for! Actually I was thinking this would be a short extra for Ouji Hiroimashita since the tankoubon comes out tomorrow (err… today in Japan, actually) and drap almost always has this random extra chapter when a tankoubon is released as a form of promotion, etc. But this is a totally new story! I’m shocked! And not only is it a new story, the new character designs are gooooorgeous. And the story itself is brilliant.

Ryouhei’s father introduces him to the woman he plans on remarrying with and through her he also meets his ikemen-type new brother, her son Nanao. Nanao is polite and beautiful and Ryouhei has no issue with this new arrangement. That is, until he’s walking with his girlfriend and happens to see Nanao leave a love hotel with another man. Nanao asks him to be open-minded and begs him to not tell his mom since he isn’t out of the closet, but Ryouhei’s opinion of Nanao suddenly does a complete turn and he goes from being excited about his father’s remarriage to even going so far as being rude to Nanao’s mother when she insinuates that she wants all four of them to start living together. But Nanao is having none of it—he approaches Ryouhei after discarding his mask of politeness and tells him that under no uncertain terms is Ryouhei’s ignorant ass going to ruin Nanao’s mother’s happiness; they’re going to live together as a family and Ryouhei is going to learn to love it. OR ELSE.

I think Nanao is a sassy bitch and I looooooove him so much. Oh gosh, for a while there it looked like he was going to seriously kick Ryouhei’s ass. Plus I like the extra addition of closeted gayness that Ootsuki added to the story to make things slightly more realistic and make Nanao’s character very relatable if not pitiable. I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter. Seriously!

After that is Sakurai Ryou’s latest oneshot, which was dirty, dirty~*~ As expected of Sakurai Ryou lmao. I haven’t even read it yet but unf.

I haven’t read this one yet either lol. Heeeeeeey.

Then is Hino Garasu’s new story eeeee. :> More Hino Garasu is always a good thing. This was one of those “should be lovers but not quite yet” stories and it was cute and nice and awwwyeah Hino Garasu. You make my day so much, woman.

Then is a new Yamada Torico story (all-star casting much, drap??) about a boy who keeps a dog AKA another pretty lazy freeloader around his apartment and their relationship turns to one of a sexual nature. To be continued~*~ Actually, Yamada Torico has a pretty good collection of chapters that have run in drap lately hasn’t she? I can totally see her releasing a tankoubon sometime mid-year mmmm hmmm. :9

The final chapter of Amemori Gigi’s Classic. Her art style is still just so pretty to me. And still reminds me of Kojima Lalako. So very sketchy and gentle.

The final story I want to talk about is by Akahoshi Jake, who I had never heard of before but sd;lgjs;dgsd !! *A* I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more works by her because I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was so sexy and dirty and cute with just the super super slightest touch of angst. Really great! Even if I didn’t like any of the other stories in this drap issue, I would still recommend people buy it just for this one. I honestly just really really loved it rofl.

Anyway it’s pretty much just about a chiropractor/body specialist who is incredibly attracted to one of his patients. To the point where he fantasizes while massaging (read: groping) this man’s ass, and masturbates (fingering himself) while thinking about him. At one point he’s giving the man a massage and he notices he has an erection, so in a fit of courage he decides to offer to ‘relieve’ the man of his erection with a handjob. (Though it was supposedly his first time giving a handjob lmao.) Right when it’s heating up and the customer seems to want to touch him back, they’re interrupted. And then it feels like it takes forever for the customer to come back. Did he do something wrong, and the customer is grossed out? But finally the customer returns and they have dirty hard sex on the massage table and I just. Yeah. I really loved this story lmfao.

And I really like the art style!! /forgot to mention that haha

Then I took a picture of this game review just because it had good art.

As for the next issue…

No Nekota Yonezou! I am disappoint. :< Thank god, though, there’s another chapter of that Ootsuki Miu story. I hope things get hot and heavy and absolutely filthy between Ryouhei and Nanao. I’m glad to see Chidori Peko will be back, though, and Hino Garasu and Yamada Torico and Kanda Neko. Also, Yamada 2choume’s first time in drap! Exciting! Looks like it’s still a great lineup even without a new chapter of Mousou Elektel.

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10 responses to “drap 01/11”

  1. Abscondite says :

    Wow, that’s a pretty est em advertisement… do you know what it’s for? Novel illustrations? A new tank? XD I’m always stalking her on AmazonJP… my friend and I are practically convinced that she’s gonna end up releasing like 5 tanks next year. *__* YEAAAAAAH <3

    And of course, the rest of drap is gorgeous. XD That Mio Junta, wow, but the eyes always remind me of Haruka Minami's characters for one reason or another? lol

    Geez, I really enjoy these peeks into your mags! /o/ Rock on.

    • ふう子 says :

      to be honest I’m really not sure what it’s for–something for BL novels, it seems. It’s not Est Em specific, though, but instead an illustration she did for the advertisement. They have a website listed but the website doesn’t seem to be open quite yet.

      drap is a pretty wonderful magazine. :> And Mio Junta’s art is very pretty—it’s changed a lot since I last saw it, but it’s still very lovable.

      Glad you liked it!

  2. myluv2pop says :

    Hino Garasu <3

    I had been looking at this on Chill Chill, and I had been wondering who Akaboshi Jake was. But her (his?) art looks hot! Ugh… to buy or not to buy…

    • ふう子 says :


      Her (I would assume it’s a ‘her’, since most BL mangaka are female haha) art is really interesting, and I love how she draws bodies—especially during sex scenes haha. I’m sad she won’t also be in the next issue, but hopefully Japanese fans will really like the story as well and alert drap that they’d like to see more from her! And I’d really recommend this issue for purchase, tbh, if not just for the Akahoshi Jake story then also for Yamada Torico, Ootsuki Miu, etc. Unless you don’t like those mangaka haha.

  3. Kery says :

    That Akahoshi Jake’s art style totally reminds me of this doujinshi artist: http://gunjuice.jugem.jp/

    No idea if they’re the same person though =__=

  4. Dee says :

    nekota yonezou ♥♥♥

    The rest are also so lovely! I can’t wait for my copy. ^.^

  5. YuKaname says :

    what’s the name of Ootsuki Miu’s new series?

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