“name that mangaka” answers

And all things must come to an end. Thank you very much to everyone who participated, and thank you for the support of those who couldn’t participate because they are too young, too new to BL manga or just have taste in mangaka that clashes from my own. Really, you are all too nice to me. ♥ Again, thank you very much for your continued support over the past year and for making my little anniversary celebration a success—in the past couple days this blog has gotten more hits than it usually does in a week and a half. It was quite shocking, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

Anyway, I hope all those who participated enjoyed the game even if they didn’t necessarily win anything! I wanted to get more people involved and wanted to promote the mangaka I used, and I consider my attempt at least vaguely successful. If you won a prize, expect an email/tweet/PM from me in the next day or so. But as promised, here are the answers for my little mangaka quiz.

From left to right.

Aniya Yuiji (of course she was first—too obvious!)
Est Em
Miike Romuko
Ootsuki Miu

Konjiki Runa
Jaryuu Dokuro
Kano Shiuko
Kusama Sakae
Moto Haruko

Ogura Muku
Yamada Torico
Takao Hiroi
Asou Kai
Psyche Delico

Mieno Saori
Matsuo Marta
Matsumoto Miecohouse
Ike Reibun
Kijima Hyougo

Kumota Haruko
Nekota Yonezou
Yamanaka Hiko
Kobato Mebaru
Hino Garasu

Kojima Lalako
Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Sunae Hata
Sakamoto Mano
Morozumi Sumitomo

I tried to make it difficult, but not too difficult which is why I used mangaka who I have reviewed on here or specifically mentioned liking on iamfujoshi, etc. I’m sorry if the images I used were difficult—my friend even complained to me that the images I used weren’t necessarily all that representative of the mangaka’s general art styles. So don’t feel bad if you had trouble, even if you feel you’re quite good at mangaka recognition!

The highest anyone got was 29 mangaka out of 30, and the one everyone recognized was Nekota Yonezou. The two people seemed to have most trouble with were Yamanaka Hiko and Miike Romuko. Also, very many people said “Kamuro Akira” for Takao Hiroi’s image! Haha I still gave it to you since they collaborate, but just fyi Takao Hiroi is the mangaka and Kamuro Akira is the writer.

Anyway, if you’re curious about which manga each picture came from, feel free to ask.

18 responses to ““name that mangaka” answers”

  1. Myluv2pop says :

    Oh! So it was Kojima Lalako and Morozumi Sumitomo! I knew that I recognized those styles but I could not for the life of me remember. Oh well it was really fun ^_^

  2. Abscondite says :

    LOL funny enough, that Ike Reibun one threw me for a loop. I had a good time naming them off. XD Who won? Congrats to them!

    • ふう子 says :

      really? Her art style is very versatile, though—it’s hard to capture an image that properly shows a general feel for the way Ike Reibun illustrates. So it’s understandable that you’d have trouble. And the winner is actually a good friend of mine haha. And probably the most knowledgeable friend I have in regards to BL manga. She just got lucky, though, since her and I have very similar taste. :p

  3. mleonard1995 says :

    This is a really fun game – really enjoyed it! Thank you!

  4. Darklight says :

    I really enjoyed this game, it was a great idea :D In the end I was stuck with two, when I became to busy to continue – or more like one. I thought it was Miike Romuko, but I just couldn’t figure out the manga this image is from, the other one was Yamada Torico – could you tell me the two titles these two came from? It’s really frustrating when something is sooooo familiar, but you can’t remember the name or just a final detail to make it sure XD; But this game is great especially because it makes people to look up mangaka they usually don’t read or like.

    Re: Takao Hiroi
    Yeah, Manga-Updates has it wrong for all their titles, so unless people can read Japanese they don’t know who is who… :/

    • ふう子 says :

      The Miike Romuko one is from Hi-Fi Life and the original image can be seen here! The Yamada Torico one is from her drap oneshot Kirei na Mizu and can be seen in full here. And yes, it was my goal to try and force people out of their general ‘mangaka comfort zone’ if they wanted to win. Hopefully some people were able to learn some new names from it haha.

      Oh wow, Manga-Updates has the two screwed up? I wonder if it’s easy to correct things on that site. Mistakes like that can be really annoying and lead to a lot of incorrect information.

      • Darklight says :

        Thank you, I’ll deifinitely read Hi-Fi Life tomorrow~ Yamada Torico seems to be quite neglected though – I guess she needs to become a bit more popular over there, so people here can at least sample her works.

        I think every registered user can edit Manga-Updates, however nowadays they have problems with fake info, so I guess it might take a bit more to correct a switch… *sigh*

        • ふう子 says :

          It’s a pretty cute manga; I hope you like it! :3 And I agree re: Yamada Torico. I’m hoping now that she’s running in a more popular magazine like drap more often that she’ll start getting more attention, especially if she really does release a new book this next year. Her art is so interesting and I love the mood of her stories—I just don’t understand why fandom tends to ignore her so much.

          Perhaps if I’m not lazy I’ll consider trying to fix that haha.

  5. Dany says :

    I recognized 20 of these mangaka this week but did not send the email because I live outside the U.S.. (sorry for my bad english!)

    • ふう子 says :

      Awww I’m sorry, I should have been more informative and said it was okay for people who live overseas to join in. :< You could have joined if you wanted to! Maybe next time!

  6. Suimu says :

    omfg ))): IT WAS MIIKE ROMUKO. Why did I doubt myselfffff.

    The only ones I really didn’t have a chance in getting were Junko and Mieno Saori.. but gahh the rest XDD. I went through all of the mentioned artists but didn’t recognize the styles somehow;; Kicking myself so hard for Yamada-sensei and Miike-sensei ;__;

    Yay but this contest was super funnn. And it taught me that I need to read more bl ~

    • ふう子 says :

      better luck next time!

      Aww you don’t know Mieno Saori and Junko? You should totally look them up! Both are very brilliant mangaka. :>

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  7. drawjapan says :

    omg nooooooo, I failed so hard on this D: lol, you have to pull this off next year too, it was so much fun ;D

  8. Dee says :

    Ah! I was too slow!! I have been somewhat away so I missed out the fun…

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