Aiso Tsukashi cover

It is early Thanksgiving morning here in the States and I have to get to bed since I’m sure I’ll be dealing with family drama and plenty of food tomorrow, but one thing I am definitely thankful for is the cover release of Aida Saki and Yamada Yugi’s Aiso Tsukashi. Because it’s really just the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all night.

Boooo makes me sad that I couldn’t afford to actually buy it. :< Next month! Yamada Yugi really knows how to draw a cover with great sexual tension even when her characters are fully-clothed. I approve!

Then there’s also the cover of Yamada and Aida’s latest novel, just in case you haven’t gotten enough of those two as a duo yet. (Ha! As if it’s really possible to have enough of something so brilliant.)

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5 responses to “Aiso Tsukashi cover”

  1. YuKaname says :

    /0\ oh noes they look too good! Is this a manga? I think I’ll get it… :) Thanks for another good introduction.

  2. Darklight says :

    Awwww, so pretty~~~~ I can’t wait to order it myself~~~ On the other hand it’s so evil they did a novel story for those two as well – and it seems to be a new one, not a novelization of the manga. Argh… No way around it, I have to speed up on the kanji *sigh*

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