Bitter & Sweet

Just another reason to go broke this Christmas season: information on Tokyo Mangasha’s newest anthologies, Josou Danshi Anthology Syrup “Bitter” and “Sweet”, was released and is being circulated around twitter again and the mangaka lists look amazing. Or maybe I’m just biased since they include Kojima Lalako.

Mangaka for Sweet include Sakamoto Mano, Ninomiya Etsumi, Manako, Matsumoto Miecohouse, Kanai Kei, etc. Mangaka for Bitter anthology are Aoyama Toomi, Kojima Lalako, Nimoda Ai, Matsushita Kick, Tateno Tooko, Yukimura and many more. A very full-looking list of amazing mangaka.

If you do not know what ‘josou danshi’ means, it’s a boy in women’s clothing. Which is actually something I have always really loved, for some reason. The Kumota Haruko OL cover is super cute, but I can’t help but adore the sailor fuku cover. There is just something so adorable about a boy in a sailor dress, especially with that little bear clip in his hair. Originally I was thinking I’d just buy one and choose whichever had the best mangaka but after seeing the lists I can’t choose—there’s no way I can pick between Sakamoto Mano and Yamada Torico, or Kojima Lalako and Matsumoto Miecohouse. It’s just not possible.

Plus… the more crossdressing the better… /cough

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3 responses to “Bitter & Sweet”

  1. mleonard1995 says :

    Ah, Kanai Kei, it’s really tempting! I’m still struggling with reading 最も美しい嘘のこと in Japanese… Wonder if she has any new tankoubon coming out in near future. /0_0\

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