moooooore Ootsuki Miu

There is really no such thing as too much Ootsuki Miu, I don’t care what anyone else has to say on the matter. Ootsuki Miu is my most precious and beloved fluff!porn queen and I bow down to her on all necessary occasions. And this, the cover release of her first illustrated novel, is definitely one of those occasions.

I am going to buy this motherfucker and try so hard to read it I swear to god. ;; I’ll probably only vaguely understand what’s going on at all times but that’s okay as long as I get to stare lovingly at all of Ootsuki Miu’s illustrations.

To be honest, for a while after this novel was announced I sat and wondered if it was a screw-up—I had never before heard of Ootsuki Miu doing illustrations for BL novels, though I did know of her being recruited for shoujo smut magazines. (For good reason, as she draws some of the sexiest ~bad boys~ okay.) But now that the cover was revealed that means I can stop second-guessing my ability to read Ootsuki Miu’s name. Oh happy day~*~

Is it just me, or do a lot of the BL releases for the next couple months all look amazing? ;; I’m going to need more Christmas money at this rate.


4 responses to “moooooore Ootsuki Miu”

  1. YuKaname says :

    Ever since I started reading your blog, I read a lot about Ootsuki Miu from you, but I never had the incentive to read anything by her. This blog post somehow just put me in gear, and I stood up and said, “I’m going to read some Ootsuki Miu.” I read a little bit of Calling, and I’m hooked! Thanks for continually blogging about her. She’s awesome!

    • ふう子 says :

      awww yay, I’m glad! /o/ I know a lot of people do not like Ootsuki Miu just because her ‘uke’ characters tend to be of the weepy, effeminate variety but I love me some weepy, effeminate men and her art is just absolutely stunning. I’m really happy you’re enjoying her work so far!

      • YuKaname says :

        Yeah! ‘Calling’ is really sweet and makes me all fuzzy inside.. :) I think I have a soft spot for the weepy ukes. I love it when they cry~! I really like her style, too. Recently I’ve been liking the wiggly, thin sort of drawings. Have you read ‘Rin!’? It has that wiggly sort of drawings, too.

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