The cover for Boy’s LOVE was posted up today, which is amazing and exciting because I personally love this anthology. It’s generally filled with plotless, pointless, filthy sex scenes and I am sorry but that’s my favorite kind of sex scene. Getting down and dirty for no apparent reason with a man you’ve only just met while wearing women’s panties? I am so there.

Very pretty art on the cover, and I am fascinated by the writing. As always.

Now I’m just going to sit and wait patiently for Junet’s other anthology that comes out on odd months, BOY’S Pierce, to release its cover and a list of the mangaka inside. Usually I can just look at the back but last time I didn’t buy BP since it didn’t have any mangaka whom I find particularly interesting. But if I’m lucky maybe Ootsuki Miu will be back for this issue? Maybe? Hopefully? ;w; (MAYBE ANIYA YUIJI? /DREAMS BIG) Though for some reason this issue of BP is unusually expensive so maybe it would be for the best if it didn’t have any of my favorite mangaka in it again rofl.

Anyway, hopefully Hanaoto and Dear+ will also be posted up soon!

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