Ueda Hiro & Nagano Mitsuha

I decided I wouldn’t talk about Canna volume seven in full this time since I think I’m behind a couple of volumes anyway, but there were two stories by mangaka I had never heard of before that I still wanted to talk about since they left an impression with me. And so I figured I may as well at least mention them a bit.

Of course, that’s not to say not all of Canna was good this time around. That’s definitely not the case. I am just… lazy.

First off is Ueda Hiro’s Hoshizora Bus. This is the story of a young bus driver and ‘cat idiot’ named Taka who just recently lost his cat a few weeks back.

Mysteriously, right after the death of Taka’s beloved cat another young man starts regularly using Taka’s bus route. Taka instantly takes notice of this man because his hair is the same color as Taka’s cat’s fur, and he can’t help imagining himself with this man the same way he used to be with his cat—hugging, cuddling, licking—no no wait what is he thinking?! But nonetheless, Taka finds himself more and more drawn to this handsome young man, wanting to become closer and know more about him. And this man, Taka learns after helping him home after he shows up drunk one night, might not be quite too opposed to letting Taka cuddle up to him and pet him.

I just love this story. In general I’m a sucker for the whole ‘this person reminds me of my beloved lost pet!’ stories, but since I’m a cat idiot just like Taka I found his character to be quite endearing. ‘Haru’-sensei, too. Their love was just so soft and fluffy—there’s no way I couldn’t have felt all ~doki doki~ after reading it.

Then there is also Nagano Mitsuha’s Sono Koi wa Mada Hajimatte Inai!

This one is much more dramatic than the Ueda Hiro story but still very cute. Emori has always been interested in his quiet classmate Onoe, and that interest is doubled when he happens upon Onoe kissing another male student in an abandoned stairway. When he has the chance to help Onoe out by lending him his gym shoes, he’s lucky and this helps him slowly become closer to Onoe. He then learns all about Onoe—including the fact that Onoe is in love with the boy who’s interested in his sister. Is there any way Emori can help Onoe get over this other boy and heal? And why does Emori want Onoe to get over this boy so badly in the first place?

This one I liked because it really captured that “ahhh, youth~*~” feel for me. Emori and Onoe’s start as just normal friends was cute and I liked the gradual flow of Emori’s feelings as he pined after Onoe without even realizing it.

Other stories from this volume I really liked were, of course, the second chapter of Sasamaru Yuuge’s pitiful wannabe-gangster story Sekai de Icchiban! and the final chapter of Kojima Lalako’s Kimi to Parade. Lots of wonderfully fluffy things to warm up these near-winter months!

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One response to “Ueda Hiro & Nagano Mitsuha”

  1. mleonard1995 says :

    Canna is a good source of finding new artists indeed. When I learned Mita Homuro’s Cの痛み was from Canna (your post actually), I had an impulse to subscripe this magazine, but, reality bites, I still have to stay practical.

    These two artists’ works actually reminded me of Junko’s – stories that carry cute and sweet feeling. I feel the same about Minazuki Akira’s. Sometimes, I do need this type of light and loving romance to rejuvenate myself.

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