today in BL manga

♔ → I got Kazuaki’s artbook in the mail today! It’s actually much larger than I was expecting—thicker, too. And the quality is very high, and it has a bunch of her BL novel illustrations. I’m glad I paranoid!bought it after I heard about her being under fire for copyright issues.

♔ → I had no idea they were coming out with a drama adaption of Inoue Satou’s Kozure Ookami?? Now that’s something I can get behind. :9

♔ → Isn’t this Kousaka Akiho novel cover illustration pretty?

For Minase Yuzuki’s novel Hanayome to Oujisama, to be released November 19th.

♔ → So I finished that Kanzaki Takashi manga and the sequel. /o\ I’m not sure how I feel about them, to be quite honest. The issue is that I don’t like emotional or physical unfaithfulness in relationships whether it’s in a manga or in real life, and Kanzaki Takashi makes that happen… a lot. Like, does she have a kink for cheating lovers? idk. It makes it really hard for me to enjoy her manga a lot of the time. Aoba’s unsureness of if he was maybe starting to fall for Yura even though he was in a relationship with what’s-his-face really started getting on my nerves near the end.

But in happier news, I read the three scanlated chapters of Ouji to Kotori today. As I though, I understand it so much more in English haha. For some reason I didn’t understand it as much as I would have liked to when I read it in Japanese (just the general plot but not a lot of the more subtle, emotional dialogue) so I’m so excited to see it in English. I also finally got caught up with chapter five of Est Em’s Ultras and… just… lmao I don’t even know. I burst out laughing when he was standing in front of the window with his pants around his ankles. Never has creepiness been quite so endearing before.

Next I hope to read some manga by Kitakami Ren—Honenuki ni Saretai in particular since someone on twitter recommended it.

♔ → Omocha Pierce volume two was released a couple days ago! If you’ll remember, Omocha Pierce is Junet’s new anthology of hard BL that was previously reviewed in a negative light by quite a few Japanese fujoshi due to its vaguely shota-ish content and the fact that it comes with a sex toy. I’m honestly not really sure what I think of it—I find the whole ‘vibrator included!’ thing to be fascinating and frightening at the same time. I doubt I’d have the courage to buy it haha, no matter how much I want to read those Gojoe Tiger chapters.

♔ → B’s Garden added the covers and previews for Kinoshita Keiko’s new tankoubon, to be released late next week: HertZ and CRAFT. The preview for Ikusen no Yoru is really cute, while the preview for Koyoi Omae to is… lol. Anyway, make sure to check those out! I’m giddily waiting for HertZ to also post covers and such for the Konno Satomi, Okuyama Puku and Takarai Rihito tankoubon releases. *w*

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5 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. Abscondite says :

    Aren’t you just the bearer of good news. “A drama adaption of Inoue Satou’s Kozure Ookami”!?!? I shrieked. Out loud. It’s 5 am and I woke up my hubby (oops). lol What a great start to my morning. =)

    But the drama adaption, are they going to mess with the essential BL element? I heard that there was going to be a drama adaption of Fujiyama Hyouta’s Junjo, but I don’t know to keep up the energy when they might end up turning out like Antique Bakery’s adaption… =/

    • ふう子 says :

      ah I’m sorry, by ‘drama adaption’ I meant a CD drama. /o\ Sorry, there isn’t an actual TV/movie drama or anything.

      But yeah, there’s going to be a drama adaption of Junjou! There was a preview for it and the new movie for Ai no Kotodama on the DVD that came with the last issue of Boy’s LOVE. Sadly, I don’t know how to rip DVDs or I would have ripped and posted it for everyone. ;;

    • ふう子 says :

      Ahh here! The preview video for Junjou! I looks like it’s pretty cheesy and low-budget and filled with terrible acting (as most BL movie adaptions are rofl) but could be entertaining. :3

      • Abscondite says :

        Wow, thanks. I can’t stop laughing. OOOH why can’t they look more like Fujiyama Hyouta’s characters? Pffft.

        Anyway, a drama cd. That I can handle. =) Thanks for the info!

  2. Suimu says :

    omg<333 kozure ookami is adorable! I can't wait to see the seiyuu list (: I'm a sucker for bl manga with kids in them so I picked it up at Kinokuniya randomly one day because the cover is just adorable hahaha.

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