hnggg Katou Setsuko

Sorry for the drive-by post right before bed and so soon after I just already posted, but Katou Setsuko’s latest tankoubon cover was finally posted up and it’s glorious, flawless, amazing, etc. so I just had to post it up here.

Yorokobi wa Hiza no Ue, to be released through Hanaoto on November 29th! *w* Just what this year needs: moooore Katou Setsuko, with her gorgeous art, simple yet dramatic stories and breathtaking sex scenes. Ahhhhh I’m already so excited!


9 responses to “hnggg Katou Setsuko”

  1. Queen says :

    Oh my, that looks sexy! I love this mangaka’s art, she draws the perfect black-haired stoic beauty too ;)

  2. mokona666 says :

    Hey, just wondering if you’d know this (I can’t find any info or download of it): what’s the Hanaoto Salon chapter? Is it actually an extra or story or interview or something? Thaaaanks~ O.O

    • ふう子 says :

      tbh I have no idea what you’re referring to. Sorry!

      • mokona666 says :

        Haha it’s just the version I downloaded doesn’t seem to match the contents listed, and it was missing that chapter but it has ‘Hanaoto’ as part of the title so I thought it may be some sort of special for the magazine Hanaoto…? It’s a cute manga tho this one, I’ve taken a liking to Katou Setsuko now =D

        • ふう子 says :

          …..oh. Haha sorry, I also thought you were referring to Hanaoto magazine. Anyway, yeah, I got out my book and checked and yeah it’s a one-page illustration in which Katou Setsuko talks about her favorite uke/seme set-up and sex position, etc.

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