and then there is BBC.

BBC meaning b-Boy Comics, not the British Broadcasting Corporation. This is a BL blog, you guys, I promise I won’t suddenly start in about world politics.

Anyway, I was checking in a desperate attempt for some new BL content since all I’ve done today in regards to BL manga is… read Inazuma Eleven doujinshi, lmao. Which doesn’t really count aside from the fact that it’s perverted, illustrated and between two boys. But anyway, luckily for me and my necessary BL fix Libre seems to have released their covers for their nearest releases. (This kind of includes Citron, which you can see here as a tiny sample. Kitabeppu Nica!)

I completely forgot about the Naono Boura release, but if it’s the story I think it is (which it probably is not, since I think it was a recent scanlation and as far as I know most scanlation groups have stopped releasing Libre titles) then I really liked that story. But either way, it looks quite cute. The one that really has my attention, though, is the Yamada Kouta debut release. If the pillow that boy is hugging on the cover is any indication, this story seems to have something to do with otaku. And I’m a sucker for BL stories that have to do with otaku, etc. (Which is possibly why I liked that latest Ootsuki Miu release from Dear+ so damn much.) I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on the reviews for that book to see everyone else’s reactions, because it’s a very tempting addiction to my collection. :9

Anyway, all these b-Boy Comics releases and a few more are due to be released on November 10th! I look forward to seeing any reviews or posts about them when they come out.

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