today in BL manga

♔ → For a while I was pretty glad that there weren’t too many big releases coming up for my favorite mangaka, but then yesterday I checked Asunaro for some bad good news.

  • Konno Satomi release mid-December through HertZ
  • Okuyama Puku release mid-December through CRAFT
  • Takarai Rihito release for late December through CRAFT
  • Kijima Hyougo release mid-December through Aqua
  • Yamanaka Hiko release for late December through Dear+

Add those to the Kinoshita Keiko and Katou Setsuko releases in November and the Yamada Yugi, Kusama Sakae and Ootsuki Miu releases in December and I am suddenly broke again. Damn it, manga budget, why do you always eat up all of my extra income?? No Starbucks for me again this month.

♔ → I added a new section: where to buy. I had originally posted this to wearefujoshi and didn’t plan on posting it here, but since it’s the question I get most often on formspring and in the comments and I can’t link the post from that comm since it’s member locked I figured the best idea would be to have it here as well—if even just for safe keeping. Hopefully it’ll come in handy.

♔ → Two new covers were posted up to amazon!

Kano Shiuko isn’t in this issue of BExBOY GOLD which is heartbreaking to me as it means it will take even longer for the tankoubon to be released. /o\ However, she is in the next issue and even gets the cover. Is anyone keeping up with Punch Up through the magazine? Is it nearing the final chapter yet? It seems like that manga has been going on forever. But anyway, if you go to the BExBOY GOLD website you can see previews for three of the chapters in this latest issue, including the next chapter of Ike Reibun’s Not Equal. (Which is really good, by the way!!)

♔ → Anyway, I usually don’t do this for other personal blogs, but I wanted to pimp this blog. It’s not 100% BL-related but there’s an interesting daily section in which the blog maintainer recommends miscellaneous BL manga by various different authors and of various different types and genres. It caught my attention partially because the author wrote about liking Est Em but also about liking Hoshino Lily, which is something I find oddly rare in BL fandom—such a varied taste that accepts all kinds of different art and story styles. I really enjoy reading the maintainers opinion, so I recommend it!

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10 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. mleonard1995 says :

    Hahaha, I’d drool on Mr. Ikuta’s ass every time I see the picture – kind of understand why Yuu-chan felt that way. ^^

    So looks like I should try to get Craft December issue – I’ve been following Takarai sensei’s and Okuyama sensei’s works.

    Today I went to that Japanese bookstore, and pick up Canna v6 and Drap Nov issue. Canna is 933 yen and Drap is 752 yen, after 12% HST (sales tax), the charge is $43.73 Canadian. Since I’ve never ordered from Amazon.JP, I wasn’t very sure if it’s cheaper. (What do you think?) In a way, I think it’s cheapter. Just add up the magazines’ prices with 2700 yen for delivery, after today’s exchange rate, it comes to $55.16 Canadian before import tax and HST.

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha it was my first time seeing Ikuta Touma’s behind, and it’s quite nice. :D

      Craft won’t be released in December—the next issue comes out in late January! (It’s released every three months, and the latest issue was released just this month.) The two CRAFT releases I mentioned are tankoubon that will be released under the CRAFT publishing line since they ran in that anthology. If you go to this page frequently they should show up and you’ll be able to see the covers and read previews as well! It might take a while, though.

      Uwaaa that’s a really big sales tax. @w@ But the prices sound about right—right on par with how much the original anthologies/magazines cost! So yeah, I think that’s definitely cheaper. Your calculations don’t sound like they’re off, so that’s $10 savings compared to what you’d have to pay using overseas shipping. So you’re really lucky to have a bookstore that offers these magazines near where you live! /o/

  2. Darklight says :

    I thought Punch Up ended with the last chapter… We got a conclusion, at the beginning of the chapter there was “saishuukai” and at the end simply “end”, so I’m pretty sure. Anyway, I hope we will get a yummy extra in the tankoubon, and Sensei is preparing for that :D~

    Awww, I’m really looking forward to Not Equal *_* I think it will be one of the best works by Ike Reibun – no, it already is~

    • ふう子 says :

      Oh did it? I have no idea, since I don’t buy BExBOY GOLD. Hopefully this means the tankoubon really will be announced soon sdlg;dsg I want to read it, since it got cut off for me at a pretty bad point.

      It’s really good! *w* And I love the characters designs. Ahh Ike Reibun, you are a master.

  3. ⊹⊱ Silk ⊰⊹ says :

    Oh~ Takarai Rihito and Yamanaka Hiko~ -must take a look ^^
    I just recently started reading Yamanaka Hiko’s work I really liked them, especially “end game” ^^

    Starbucks ^w^ I do the same ! When I pass by one I think, “4 starbucks and you can buy another blmanga >< ! resist " ^^;

    I think Punch up ended in october issue… with happy & sexy ending, and Kouta's cute smile ^^ they didn't say there was sequel so maybe Kano Shiuko is coming with a new serie… ?

    • ふう子 says :

      The Yamanaka Hiko one is volume two of End Game, so if you liked End Game then you should definitely look forward to it! /o/ And I agree—Yamanaka Hiko is really brilliant. I’m glad she seems to be catching on more lately.

      Haha exactly! orz For me it’s either a maccha latte or more money to put toward my BL manga order. Sometimes I give in and buy the latte, though, lol.

      Awww yay it was a happy, good ending? ;w; I’m glad, since where I left off was an emotional roller coaster ds;lgjs;gf And I’ll be happy to see anything that Kano Shiuko comes out with next. I really love her works!

  4. Dee says :

    8D Ike Reibun’s work is delicious.
    Actually I also love various styles and stories. As long as they appeal to me, I have no complains. I personally love Hoshino Lily’s style. I also love Yoneda Kou. Then, there’s Watanabe Asia. And a whole LOT more. Hahaha… Mieno Saori’s style is so beautiful too. Wahhh too many.

    I’m glad I don’t need Starbucks or coffee. But then again… I never seem to have enough money to buy everything. So I get how you feel.

    • ふう子 says :

      It really is! Everything from her characters to her stories and sex scenes are always so brilliant.

      Aww that’s good! Usually I have trouble finding people who like the deeper, darker mangaka but still don’t mind admitting to enjoying the pointless, fluffy stories as well. It’s cool—and somewhat rare—to find people who just accept BL fandom as it is instead of wishing it to be all super plot-filled, deep, moving stories.

      I don’t drink coffee either, tbh—too bitter! But Starbucks’ maccha latte with skim milk is one of my many guilty pleasures. :9 Especially during the colder seasons. Sadly, I usually have to choose between it and fandom-related things haha. orz

      • Dee says :


        Yea, it's REALLY hard to find people like BL fandom just as it is. I mean, I'm sure we don't need serious, plot-filled and deep stories all the time…. Sometimes we just need ACTIONS. LOL!

        LOL! Yea, I hate the aftertaste of coffee. Bleh. Oh! The matcha latte is AWESOME. Is it getting colder now?

        p/s: I gave up a lot for fandom related things. I prefer to satisfy my utmost guilty pleasures. LOL. orz

        • ふう子 says :

          Yeah, people usually either like it one way or the other—deep and dark or light and fluffy/sexy. Which is fine, I guess, but sometimes makes it hard to have conversations about BL manga as a whole haha. So I always get excited when I find other people who just like BL manga for everything it has to offer.

          It is getting colder! Much colder, in fact. I’m surprised it hasn’t snowed here yet.

          Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who gives up a lot of other stuff for the fandom purchases.

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