BL Purchase! /o/

I got part one of my monthly purchase freakishly early this month. I thought it was going to take longer (like, midway into November) since Kuragehime was supposedly out of stock until they could reorder in a couple weeks, but before I knew it I was getting a shipping notification. Not that I’m complaining. :9

Please ignore the Two-Face—I was getting my inner cat lady on while I was looking through my BL manga since that is the supposed fate of all fujoshi.

First is LYNX. I am dumb and didn’t take pictures of any of the covers lmao. Sorry. /o\

All of LYNX’s releases for the past two months are amaaaaaazing. I wish I could afford them all. ;; I’m definitely planning on buying that Katsuragi one when I can afford it, though—the adorable daddy-type cover is too powerful for me to resist.

Sunae Hata’s latest story for LYNX. Now that the last chapter is out I’m going to read this one more closely. *w* As always, her art is amazingly adorable.

Nimoda Ai’s art is just so cute! And this story had crossdressing. So. Cough.

Umematsu Machie’s color page. To be honest, this is a big reason I couldn’t resist still buying this issue of LYNX—Umematsu’s coloring is always so beautiful and you should never assume the color pages are going to make it into the tankoubon 100% of the time. /o\

Suisei Summit. The uke is oh so pretty and kind of shotatastic and the sex scenes are so unfffff. As you can see, he is wearing a scarf while they do six-nine. How can I possibly resist??

And then there is Kujuu Siam.

Next volume looks amazing, especially since it has more Yamano Deco. *w* And Kojima Lalako and Sunae Hata are both coming back again. Heeee I really hope Kojima Lalako gets a tankoubon through LYNX soon. ;;

Volume two of Chu Chun ga Chun is HUGE—way thicker than your average BL tankoubon. Then again, I’m holding it next to a BBC release so maybe it just seems impressively large by comparison.

The extra has a sex scene. :>

Ike Reibun’s Not Equal. The art is, of course, absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t take any pictures of the H scene but it looked pretty amazing when I was flipping through haha. This seems like such an interesting story—so far, I’ve only seen the first two chapters. So I’m excited to read more now.

Anyway! Next is Dear+, which is the first issue of this magazine that I’ve ever bought. I was actually quite impressed. /o/

I got a drama CD for Ougi Yuzuha’s manga but that doesn’t really excite me that much so I’ll probably just upload it somewhere rofl. /o\

Kazuaki did a lovely color illustration for Dear+’s kemomimi theme. Sorry my picture is so crappy you can’t even see the doggy ears on the orange-haired boy.

Ootsuki Miu’s Dear+ story Boku wo Matsu Sekai. I am so in love with it, seriously—it was totally worth the money and I regret absolutely nothing haha. Also, I will always be in love with Ootsuki Miu’s ukes. They are just so beautiful hng.

Miike Romuko’s short short kemomimi story.

This one had nothing to do with the animal ear special but it’s Aoi Levin, so. I still wanted to take a picture of it rofl.

Ogura Muku’s kemomimi illustration. ;; It makes me so happy and fluffy inside to see cute illustrations like this from Ogura, since more and more her stories are becoming more serious. (Then again, Castle Mango isn’t necessarily her story, so…)

This is a little “your kemomimi moe!” type quiz—you take it to ‘figure out’ what kind of kemomimi you like. Here is the huge version if you’re interested in taking the quiz.

Next is Canna volume seven! /o/

Color illustration for this issue is by Nomoto Nagina. /o/

Final chapter of Kojima Lalako’s story sdg;ls;dgls I still haven’t read it properly yet but it looks so fluffy and amazing. I will always love you, Kojima Lalako.

Sasamaru Yuuge is one of the artists who have been catching my eye a lot lately. Her art and characters are so cute. *w* I hope she’s in the next issue of Canna as well.

Manako, who is always someone to look forward to.

Okadaya Tetsuzou lol. Dirty, dirty~ He’s taking advantage of the other man while he’s drunk.

Nagano Mitsuha. This is my first time seeing her artwork; it’s really beautiful.

Chapter two of Misasagi Kumoki’s Udou-kun to Karino-kun. *w* You know, the story where the guy was helping his class president learn how to use comdoms A.K.A. trying to get him to masturbate. Ahhh seishun~*~

Next volume cover is Moto Haruko! I’m also excited to see Sunae Hata, Hanamori Mito, Marita Yuzu, etc. coming back. Though I’m sure whichever mangaka Canna picks to fill their ranks, they’ll be worthwhile.

And then finally, we have Cab. \o/

Color illustration for this issue if by Daizu Miso. Very bright, fun colors.

Hideyoshiko’s latest chapter for Cab is a oneshot about two men who’re attracted to each other, and the beach. Hmm.

Komeri! *A*

The manga everyone has been waiting for—Castle Mango‘s newest chapter. I’m not sure what to think about it so far since I haven’t read it close but ahhhh they’re getting so close and then suddenly who is that girl?? What the fuck. ;w;

Terashima finally makes her return to Cab. Her art style feels so different to me, but that’s understandable considering it’s been almost a year since I last read something new by her.

Kevin Komine’s pitiful nakimushi seme rofl. I love it.

I agree with Kijitora’s response to this: they’re so close, why is there not a new chapter in the upcoming volume?? ;A; WHYYY. They’re finally going to do it! Though lolol he tried to swallow after the blowjob but the taste was too bad. So realistic. Also, dat asssss.

The final chapter of Haji Fuchiko’s story. ;; I’m sad to see it end.

Next volume cover is by Kevin Komine!! \*A*/ Ahhhhhhhh YES! Also, Shimaji is back! Of course, no Ogura Muku as she takes breaks on odd volumes. So sad—I want this issue with Random Female #1 to be resolved as soon as possible.

And then finally, my one non-BL (but nonetheless fujoshi-worthy) purchase, Kuragehime volumes one and two.

I love it. *w*

Anyway, I still have drap and Citron coming in the mail, and also Psyche Delico’s tankoubon which comes out on the 30th. I look forward to it! /o/

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20 responses to “BL Purchase! /o/”

  1. Cozza says :

    hnnnng *u* everything looks so hot~ such gorgeous illustrations!

    -I seriously must learn some Japanese, or get a job, or both lulz-

    thanks for sharing! c:

    • ふう子 says :

      I know, right? *w* BL fandom is really full of amazing mangaka; my list of favorites is also getting bigger and bigger.

      Haha yes, it’s much easier if you have some grasp of Japanese.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. cosmoflip says :

    omg *A* usually i’m able to count the number of manga/illusts that catch my attention in one post, but I’ve lost count around half way through in this one! gonna have to write down a list of authors to look out for in the future when they release tanks /o/ and also need to add more to my current shopping cart too.

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha and I didn’t even take a proper look at the magazines yet—these are just the mangaka that caught my attention while I was sloppily flipping through each book. /o\ With all these amazing mangaka, I will end up a slave to the BL manga industry. I already started putting together the list of manga I want for November and December. It’s pathetic. orz;;;;

  3. zhokolatte says :

    Wow I’m loving the cover for Kuragehime vol. 2! It looks like Tsukimi is getting a makeover! I am so excited to see that animated now *A*!

  4. YuKaname says :

    Which issue of Dear+ is this? I’d like to get one for myself +-+.

  5. drawjapan says :

    I totally envy you………. but thanks for sharing :3

  6. Silk says :

    Wa~ So much eye-candy !
    So much mangakas I didn’t know who have gorgeous art…
    And Ogura Muku’s illustration !! So lovely~ >///<
    Thank you a lot for sharing ^^

    Katsuragi's manga cought my attention too (on Chillchill) and I was thinking of buying it too ^^ haha
    It looked fluffy and sweet…

    • ふう子 says :

      No problem, I’m more than happy to help people find out about new mangaka. /o/ Thank you for reading my post!

      I agree, I agree! The Katsuragi manga looks so cute. *A* I really want to read it!

  7. Nikki says :

    Thanks for sharing!! They’re all so gorgeous *___*

  8. Suimu says :

    Oh noooo this is spurring the greed within me so bad!! I was going to hold out on Chunchun ga chun … but I think I might start collecting now.

    And the reason I don’t really like getting anthologies or magazines as much is because I don’t always love every artist in the line up… but lynx is starting to look very, very promising. Dear + as well (or i could just wait for the ootsuki miu release in tankoubon XD;; not patient enough)…

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha it’s really cute—a nice end to a very fluffy, awesome manga! Or should I not be saying that? ;D

      Yeah, that’s the problem I hear from most people—they buy the anthology/magazine just to feel like they’ve wasted their money since they don’t even like most of the stories. Luckily, I enjoy most art styles so it’s okay for me. But I do think LYNX is very promising—I generally enjoy a majority of the stories and artists they promote. I can’t say much for Dear+, though, to be honest as this is the first time I’ve bought the magazine. But I don’t think I’ve ever bought a tankoubon released under dear+ that I later regretted, if that says anything.

      And I totally feel you about Ootsuki Miu—I’m never patient enough to wait for her tankoubon either. orz;;;)

  9. Bebop_Bea says :

    Thanks for the post for some reason I’m missing this issue. Hey!!! is that cat over 18?? Don’t want you corrupting the poor kitty =)

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