OPERA 23 loves Kusama Sakae

The cover for OPERA 23 was released yesterday and is quite gorgeous. Art is by Bikke, who iirc has never had a cover for OPERA before. Lately it seems that OPERA is breaking away from always having the same five or so people grace the cover, considering three of the last four covers were new faces—Matsuo Marta, Hiiragi Nozomu and Bikke.

I still cringe with an incredible feeling of “WAAAANT!” when I see Aniya Yuiji’s name, but I’ll try to be patient for her tankoubon to come out. Though I had completely forgotten about the Kusama Sakae pin-up, which is almost something I would have paid 980円 for when combined with Aniya Yuiji chapters. Almost.

Speaking of Kusama Sakae, she supposedly has yet another tankoubon coming out, this time through Chocolat Comics. It will be titled Mahiru no Koi and I’m kind of excited about it since I have a chapter by her in one of my issues of Shousetsu Chocolat and it’s pretty fabulous. As far as I know, there’s no specific date given for the release yet aside from late December.

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3 responses to “OPERA 23 loves Kusama Sakae”

  1. C says :

    Regarding Kusama Sakae…I know, right? Isn’t this her THIRD tankoubon for this year? Not that I’m complaining! I need to get my hands on the other two, as well..

    Oh! And I recently read Hino Garasu’s “Seinen wa Ai wo Kou.” Is that good or what?! *sigh*


    • ふう子 says :

      It is! And all in less than the last half of the year as well. There were also three novels released so far this year with her art, so she must be a very busy woman! My wallet is weeping, but I’m loving getting to see more and more work from her. :3

      Oooh did you? I’m glad you liked it!! I should really reread that one–Hino Garasu’s stories are always so pretty.

  2. adaywithoutme says :

    I have fallen madly, madly in love with Kusama – I really like her stuff with older characters in it, and The Constellation Shines in the Sky is probably one of my favorite one-shots ever. I am hoping that some of her work will get licensed in America because my Japanese isn’t very good, so I can’t read a lot of her stuff (not that that stopped me from ordering a bunch of her tankoubon recently).

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