today in BL manga

♔ → Natsume Isaku’s Free Punch was quite cute! I read it today in full even though it’s been getting scanlated for a while now, and I almost regret putting it off. The first story was nice but I really liked the second story—I will always be a sucker for a tsundere type uke. The relationship dynamic between Touno and Ikeda was really great. I totally recommend it to the few people who haven’t read it before me haha.

Other than that I read Meikon by Fujikawa Ruri and Maeda Sakae, and Kanzaki Takashi’s Erotic M. Neither were particularly my cup of tea but they were nonetheless entertaining. I also started reading AttFas’s previews for their upcoming release, Tenzen Momoko’s On The Quiet, and that one looks really promising!

♔ → Yesterday I was able to put together my monthly BL purchase. /o/ For this month I was trying to not go crazy on magazines and anthologies, but I failed. I bought Cab (Ogura Muku! Kevin Komine!), Citron (Aoi Seri! Jaryuu Dokuro!), drap (Jaryuu Dokuroooooo!), Canna (Kojima Lalako!), Dear+ (Ootsuki Miu color page!) and Lynx (Umematsu Machie color page!). Sadly I cut out two of my regular magazines: OPERA and Daria. Daria has an Ootsuki Miu oneshot that I’ll be missing out on and OPERA has a new chapter of Aniya Yuiji’s newest BL-related manga. But I need to cut back since I’ve also been spending too much on doujinshi lately. ;w; So I chose the two that have the least going on for me: Daria pretty much only has Ootsuki Miu and the only thing I’m interested in for this latest issue of OPERA is Aniya. So. orz;;

As for actual tankoubon, I bought Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Chu Chun ga Chun, Ike Reibun’s Not Equal and Psyche Delico’s Junai Eroki. I also bought the first two volumes of the fujoshi-centric crossdressing-filled manga Kuragehime. Fabulous! I also wanted that Mochimeko tankoubon but didn’t think I could afford it. ;;

♔ → Ogura Muku’s latest tankoubon Mizuiro to Pink, Sorekara Daidai is getting a drama CD. (Screencap from Asunaro.)

I really love the manga (as you can see here) but I’m not sure if I’m excited about a drama CD adaption or not. Ogura Muku’s manga tend to have this lovely dreamy atmosphere that’s hard to capture without her art style backing everything up. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

♔ →I’m working on a new spotlight post but it’s slow going since I’m over-thinking everything. /o\ Sorry. On that note, I also have to finish the wearefujoshi release post. My life = revolves around BL manga, evidently.

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4 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. soondark says :

    Yay, so glad you updated! *—* Sorry, I’m a new reader LOL But wow, they all seem amazing. What a pity I’ll have to wait for the English scanlations to be able to read them T__T I want to be like you in the future and be able to read it even if it’s in Japanese, it’d come so in handy :D

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha thank you! Sorry for my late response, but thank you very much for reading my blog. It means a lot to me.

      Yeah, it really does suck to have to wait for English versions, especially since so many amazing BL manga don’t get translated neither by scanlators nor official English licensors. If you work hard on Japanese I’m sure you could be to my level in no time!

  2. Dany says :

    I want to know how you can buy or subscribe yaoi magazines!
    I would love to subscribe the magazines and have them in my hand but I don’t know the stores who accept paypal for payment and have a international shipping (that is too high for outsiders of USA, I’m from Brazil)
    I’m a big fan of your blog, I always see here.
    Thank you!

    With your awesome reviews, I’ve bought some mangas, like Clean a Wound (Matsumoto Kentarou), Ouji to Kotori (Yamanaka Hiko), and the new of Mebaru Kobato.

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello! The only two stores I know of that accept Paypal are Akadot and Mandarake. As far as I know, Mandarake does not carry magazine or magazine subscriptions (but I’m not sure, since I’ve personally never checked) but I do know that Akadot has a limited supply of BL-related magazines and might carry subscriptions as well. You would have to check. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a store that suits your needs!

      And thank you, I’m honored that you like my blog. ♥

      Did you? I hope you liked them!

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