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♔ → Lately I’ve been trying to read Miyamoto Kano’s works. Previously, I hadn’t read them because I didn’t like her art style. But I’ve gotten used to her art now and so I’ve been filling the cracks in my schedule (so… like… 24/7?) trying to read everything by her. And I will say upfront: it’s frustrating. orz;;; Why are all of her manga connected to all these spin-offs and doujinshi that come before or after or between chapters? For, like, three different series by her so far I’ve had to look up ordering lists. Crazy.

To be honest, I didn’t like Hydra much—too much drama. I don’t like when a couple that mutually love each other won’t get together for 239057230 volumes. I seriously got a headache from being so frustrated over Ryuu and Hitomi. So hopefully I’ll like Rules more. I am quite enjoying Calling, though, and I thought Te wo Tsunaide, Sora wo, etc. was charming.

♔ → Dear+ updated their website yesterday since it was the release day for the magazine, and so I got a bigger glimpse of that Ootsuki Miu kemomimi story I’ve been so excited about.

See, see? SO CUTE! *w* I decided I’ll definitely buy it since for one, Ootsuki Miu is rarely in Dear+ so it would take forever for a tankoubon release and two, it’s a COLOR PAGE and those don’t always get included in all tankoubon. So. Also, as you can see from the banner I screencapped above, it will have a kemomimi illustration by Ogura Muku! (Sadly, no Kobato Mebaru…) This will be the first time ever that I buy Dear+ so I’m excited.

♔ → When I haven’t been reading works by Miyamoto Kano I’ve been reading the S-lash2 anthologies. I only own the first two volumes and have had them for a couple months now but I’m just getting around to properly reading them. (I actually have a lot of manga like that haha—I buy them but I buy so much every month that it takes forever for me to get around to properly sitting down and reading some of them.)

Volume one has a lot of very pretty art and also CROSSDRESSING. Which, as many of my friends know, is like a road straight to my heart. So I’m enjoying these anthologies so far and liking all the new authors they introduce me to. /o/

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4 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. haphazardlycurious says :

    Uhm Miyamoto Kano…I still can’t get over her art-style, but it’s mostly her drama what I can’t really like.
    I read the Rules universe, and you are right about it. Frustration!! I’m still frustrated since it isn’t finished and we don’t know if they really are gonna end together.

    • ふう子 says :

      yeah, I agree with you—I like my life AND my manga to be as free of unnecessary drama as possible. Miyamoto’s stories about drug addiction and social outcasts are interesting and the drama is there for a reason, but manga like Hydra where it seems to be drama for dramas sake? Ughhh I hate that. Most people really love it but drama of any sort just makes me uncomfortable so I’d rather not read it.

      Ack it isn’t finished? D: Maybe I’ll wait to read it, then.

  2. Tanko says :

    Oh, I also dislike the many spin-offs and confusion in Miyamoto Kano’s work, but we really love Rules and hope you’ll like it. It’s a great manga. =)

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