Cab volume 10 cover

Tokyo Mangasha has evidently stepped up their game for good, once again releasing the cover and information for their releases early in the month. I am very appreciative. ♥ And this issue’s cover was not only a pleasant surprise just because it was revealed so early–it’s also absolutely gorgeous.

The artist for this issue is Matsumoto Kentarou, who you may recognize from previous issues as well as Marble’s tankoubon release for her earlier this year titled Clean a Wound.

Also included in this issue is the fifth chapter of Ogura Muku and Konohara Narise’s Castle Mango and well as yet more chapters from Kevin Komine, Koshino, Komeri, etc. I was actually thinking that this month I would give up on buying so many magazines so I can afford all the tankoubon I want for once (as this month has a lot that I want… orz;;;), but I just can’t quit Cab. I’ve been dedicatedly buying it ever since the first volume so it would feel too weird to quit now.

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6 responses to “Cab volume 10 cover”

  1. connie says :

    That IS a very nice cover, and I love the art style of the mangaka!! Have you read her work?

    I just got my copy of Hidaka Shouko’s Hana wa Sakuka 2. I absolutely adore that series!! Of course, it’s PG, pg13 at best, but still! ;)

    • ふう子 says :

      I have! She has been in Cab a bunch, and I also own her tankoubon. Her stories are rather dark and weird haha, but very interesting.

      Ohhh did you? Is it really good? :3 I’ve been trying to keep up with it in RuTiLe but haven’t seen a compiled version of the entire volume yet.

  2. Ducere says :

    OMG! I want to read Castle Mango! Hope in this ch we can get more action u.u

  3. tori says :

    i completely forgot about cab!!
    castle mango! *drool* lol
    i can’t believe it’s been like…4 months? since the last chapter o_O

    • ふう子 says :

      Yeah, the four months between chapters seems like a long time but it actually goes really fast doesn’t it? It’s really surprising. But it makes the chance to read the next chapter seem even more exciting!

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