Ootsuki Miu tankoubon

Hello blog readers. ;; I’m sorry for my absence lately. I’ve been thinking over a few things, such as the direction I want to take this blog as opposed to the direction it’s currently heading. I’ve been overwhelmed trying to provide ‘quality’ posts (whatever that means… orz;;) so I think I might return to a more personal blog concept—instead of only updating about things that others might find important, I’ll go back to just talking about BL-related things that have been exciting me lately.

Such as!! drap finally anouncing an Ootsuki Miu tankoubon release for her story Ouji Hiroimashita!

I am absolutely stoked by this news, as release announcements have been leaving me rather nonplussed lately. Also, I’m surprised that Ootsuki will evidently only be releasing two tankoubon this year. But it’s been a year since her last drap release, so it’s time for another one—and not a second too soon. Plus, not only is it a tankoubon release but it’s a special limited edition release. Could this possibly get any better? I’m not so sure.

Anyway, I also made a hefty book purchase that should be here on Monday and I’ll be sure to properly share it with everyone. Included is my much-awaited Mieno Saori and Riwo book Hakumokuren ga Saita nara (which I spent an hour rereading last night thank you very much) and also some very cute-looking releases from newer mangaka like Kohinata Ai and Donburi Una. I am excite. :3c

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