ITAN is not a BL anthology.

Just as the title says, ITAN is not a BL anthology. If I had to force it into a genre, I would most likely call it ‘josei’—considering a lot of artists who’re in it are BL artists and also some of the themes in the stories, I think it’s safe to assume it’s aimed at women. It’s released late in the month every three months and has a lot of absolutely gorgeous covers. It first caught my attention when both Aniya Yuiji and Kumota Haruko announced that they would be in it, but the stories I’ve read so far (which actually isn’t many, ngl—this anthology has a lot of difficult kanji for someone at my level) are very good and I personally think it’s a fabulous anthology.

I am not here today to offer story descriptions or anything but to just spam you with sample images of some of the BL artists inside. So my friend Lynn could see the Kumota Haruko art. But you know me—I can’t resist any chance to try and talk about Aniya Yuiji. It’s just not possible.


Aniya Yuiji

Kumota Haruko

Conami Shouko

Nangoku Banana

Ishino Aya

Aida Kaoru

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that. The only story I feel comfortable actually describing is Aniya Yuiji’s since I read that one with a kanji dictionary lmao. :T Not obsessed at all nooooooo. However, I would like to point out that they finally did a blog promo of her story here: click! I really love her story. So. Yeah. 8D;; Go read it please.

I was supposed to do the drap 10/10 post today but alas it has been rainy and dreary and I hate taking pictures in this kind of weather since I have to either use flash or have ugly lighting. (As you can see from the yellow-tinged pictures above.) So I’ll post about drap as soon as we have some nice weather, and I also want to post about Ootsuki Miu’s Arashi doujinshi and then Canna when I have time.

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4 responses to “ITAN is not a BL anthology.”

  1. kokiden/Barbara says :

    Thank you. That was very tasty!

    I admire your aesthetic perspective and sensitivity regarding the ugly light on a dreary day!

  2. Darklight says :

    Gah, seeing how there are even more suggestive stories with hot guys, ITAN is even more evil, I think… But all of them look so amazing – I really hope this anthology will be more popular is future~ And I can’t wait for the tankos of these stories *_*

    • ふう子 says :

      It really is—it lures so many amazing BL mangaka into its grasp and then makes them write amazing stories that you can’t resist even if you’d rather stick to BL. It’s a very good magazine, though! I look forward to whatever tankoubon are produced later on!

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