Aniya Yuiji “Leila Leila”

Today the Aniya Yuiji doujinshi the she created for NatsuComi arrived, successfully knocking Nessa no Rakuen completely out of my mind. My sister shoved the package at me right as we were leaving so I had to read it in the car, effectively making myself carsick in the process, but it was worth it. I would read an Aniya Yuiji doujinshi anywhere.

New favorite thing ever. Not even kidding.

Leila Leila, a 32-page original doujinshi, is the story of A-tani. A-tani is a mangaka under the pen name Kirameki Leila Leila—a mangaka who writes BL even though he’s a man and even though he’s “not gay”. But he struggles with himself over the fact that he writes BL, constantly reminding himself that it’s not like he’s gay or anything just because he writes gay sex scenes. And while writing manga he stays at his good friend N-chi’s house, where he gets picked on mercilessly.

During a meeting with his female manager I-mizu, talking about the BL manga that he’s currently writing she suddenly asks exactly how ‘far’ N-chi and A-tani have gotten with each other sexually. Disgusted, A-tani says they haven’t gotten anywhere thank you very much, but then I-mizu points out that the current seme in his manga (which is actually Hajime from Kigeki, fyi—the uke is Ryouji!) looks oddly like N-chi. A-tani denies it to himself but can’t help being bothered.

Then when he is home and working on his manga, N-chi gets back from work and starts to watch A-tani draw. Suddenly he says “looks similar.” Freaked out that N-chi has noticed the same thing as I-mizu, A-tani tenses up and says “looks similar to you?” But then N-chi shakes his head and points to the uke this time and say it looks like A-tani. They sit in silence for a while before N-chi suddenly adds “I see. So that’s the face you’d make during sex.”

Suddenly A-tani’s face turns bright red and he has this insanely erotic look on his face while he sputters. N-chi gets up, acting grossed out, but as A-tani is about to say “well what about you?” he realizes that N-chi is also flustered and blushing. Left alone in his room, his heart races as he thinks about exactly what just happened. The doujinshi ends with A-tani reintroducing himself with “my name is Kirameki Leila Leila. I’m a BL mangaka but it’s not like I’m gay. …at least, that’s how it should be.”

I love this doujinshi—seriously, I wish it were a full tankoubon. So amazing. The art direction is awesome, with a mix of completed art to illustrate the actual story and these unfinished-looking sketchy panels to show A-tani’s work  and supposed desires. It’s just fabulous.

And the story oh mannnnnn. Part of me wishes I could have been able to see A-tani and N-chi get down and dirty, but the sexual tension between them after that scene at the end was enough for me. I’ll take what I can get. Plus, I love love love the reintroduction of Hajime and Ryouji from Kigeki wa Koi de Shinasuru hng. It is like a feast for any fan of Aniya Yuiji—not only does she offer up this new story with new interesting character and even more great humor, she touches back on her oldest original story as well.

I am so happy I bought this and seriously can’t recommend it enough if you like Aniya Yuiji. Seriously, ladies. It’s so good idek.


2 responses to “Aniya Yuiji “Leila Leila””

  1. lemondrops says :

    i need to go back through what little aniya yuiji i have. the art looks top notch in this one. i especially like a-tani’s blushing & embarrassed face.

  2. khursten says :

    Hou~ interesting! I do hope this turns into a manga soon (I do wonder if her upcoming c80 doujin continues from this.)

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