Citron volumes four & five

So as it’s the first day of September, Citron has updated their site with the cover of volume four of the original anthology as well as Nekota Riko’s tankoubon. (Which looks incredibly interesting, by the way.) Here’s Est Em’s volume four cover illustration:

So awesome! \o/ To see a different up-close of part of the cover illustration go here! There are also chapter and story description and tiny sample images as well, with larger proper samples for three stories. Definitely check them out if you’re interested—very worth your time! One of them is Psyche Delico. *w* It’s interesting that this volume, too, will have two chapters by Kumota Haruko. Delicious. The more of this story that comes into existence, the better.

Also interesting is that the ‘upcoming‘ anthology page has already been updated. The cover will be Kitabeppu Nica! I was holding my breath thinking it was too good to be true, but Aoi Seri is, in fact, credit as an artist with an upcoming chapter. SO EXCITED OH MAN. Plus, Jaryuu Dokuro will finally be back with a new chapter of her insanely-long-titled story. So Aoi Seri, Aniya Yuiji, Jaryuu Dokuro, Est Em, Kumota Haruko, Morozumi Sumitomo, Kitabeppu Nica, etc. etc. etc. ALL in the same book. Could life get any better than this? I’m not so sure.

However, still no new information on that new upcoming anthology. Boooo. I was hoping they’d at least release a mangaka list or something by now. But another change that happened on the site is that a new desktop calendar was posted. I had never heard of the mangaka before but it’s a pretty badass illustration! Sadly, it does not come in my monitor’s resolution. :<

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One response to “Citron volumes four & five”

  1. AzureKitsune says :

    As always, it’s nice to see mag covers for upcoming releases.

    When it come to the wallpapers though, I have a habit of saving the one closest to my resolution and then cropping it to fit my desktop. ^^; It’s disheartening to see a very well-done wallpaper, but then it’s not available in your resolution size.

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