A little late but nonetheless exciting.

These past couple days I’ve been having personal issues which are just bleh bleh bleh but this morning I woke up to a blog update from both Kobato Mebaru and Ogura Muku which was enough to get my out of my funk. (Mostly, anyway.) As I have mentioned before, the two are actually very very good friends and together they run the doujin circle ‘Munya Munya Sue’. They are pretty much just both adorable and incredibly talented and I love them both to bits.

Anyway, they both updated their blogs about NatsuComi!! (And pretty much just copy/paste’d each other lmao.) \o/ For the lovely Niya Niya Sue corner! A while ago after Kobato and Ogura updated about their general positioning in NatsuComi and what day they’d be there, I’d posed the query of whether or not Munya Munya Sue would be releasing a new doujinshi or not. Well, that’s exactly what they updated (a little late) about this morning.

They do, in fact, have a new doujinshi to release. As they both posted in their blogs, they have a new book titled Komatta-kun to Komatta-chan, 24-pages. The theme for this book (since the two always have a cute theme) is high schoolers who are dating. They are also doing a rerelease of Ori Ori Toji Toji. And thennnnnn—! They also released a full-color uchiwa! Very cute.

See? Adorable! I stole the image from this auction. (/naughty) But you can click the link and also see the cover for their doujinshi and another image of the full uchiwa.

Ogura Muku and Kobato Mebaru specifically requested for the uchiwa and such to not be resold and I feel guilty but I’m glad there are people out there who don’t listen to mangaka wishes and still resell the items on auction sites and to consignment stores because, as a foreign fan, there’s really almost no other way I could get them. Very sad. 8(

Speaking of NatsuComi! It’s actually in full swing of the final day as I write this, I think? I hope everyone who was able to go had a nice time! Were you able to greet your favorite mangaka and doujinka? Did you make any amazing finds?

Also, Aniya Yuiji’s Leila doujinshi was taken down from toranoana! I’m heartbroken since I haven’t put in my order yet. I’m hoping that maybe she just ran out of stock (because I could definitely see that happening—the book sounded absolutely fabulous and it feels like its been so long since we had some actual BL content from Aniya) and they’re just waiting for a reprint. Otherwise I’m going to go broke using Yahoo!Japan auctions again. BOO.

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10 responses to “A little late but nonetheless exciting.”

  1. Myra says :

    I squealed when I saw Kobato’s new doujin this morning at Y!Auc. as well~~
    I think I’m gonna get one from Y!Auc. Though the price really differs too much:(

  2. mango says :

    If you don’t find what you are looking for you can always use the following two book stores they all sell almost the same books at the same price. Toranoana tends to sell out quicker than others.


    I get my doujinshi straight from comic events, but I like looking through the sites to see whats new or if maybe I missed a new book. ^^

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