Snippets 020

Again? Already?? I know, I know. But this is actually all new stuff from yesterday. orz;; I guess BL fandom is quite active lately.

♔ → Jaryuu Dokuro updated about her tankoubon release. In her post she alerts everyone that the book was officially released and then thanks everyone who buys it for their support. She also talks about autumn a bit. She sounds a bit overworked and exhausted, so I hope she’s able to rest up and keep in good spirits.

♔ → For those who read the review and are interested in sampling it before you’re sure if you want to buy it or not, RuTiLe Sweet added the first chapter of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Lucky Number 13 tankoubon. They also added a sample story by Hirakita Yuya, who writes very cute stories. If you have time I highly recommend checking out those two chapters!

♔ → Est Em posted her NatsuComi information to her blogspot account. It seems she has at least two new books and then that *UCK shirt she created, and then three older books for sale. NatsuComi started today/yesterday, didn’t it? Are any of you going?

♔ → The cover for moca volume three, illustrated by Monchi Kaori, is quite stunning. You can check it out here. Gives off a very sensual feel.

♔ → In slightly more ‘serious business’ news, Junet just recently released a new anthology that has a few fujoshi upset. Omocha Pierce is a new shota anthology (that supposedly comes with an actual vibrator as the ‘free gift’), released by the same publishers as BOY’S Pierce and Boy’s LOVE and many other hardcore BL anthologies and magazines. You can see one review here on Chill Chill where a fujoshi raises her concerns and speaks her disappointment with the publishers for releasing something like this at such a turbulent time in the BL industry. She asks if the person who made this decision is someone who hates BL, or is maybe a man who doesn’t understand how delicate a situation this is for the reputations of females who enjoy BL. Personally, I am just sad that Gojoe Tiger is in it because I love her and wish to read all of her stories, but I’m not really interested in things like hardcore shota. Sorry, Gojoe.

♔ → Dear+ have updated their site with the cover and information for their latest release as well as information on the upcoming issue. The two color pages for this issue are quite stunning, especially the Hanamura Ichika one. Her art is really quite beautiful. Kobato Mebaru is in this issue, but will not be in the next one. However, one thing that will be in the next issue is a novel illustrated by Kazuaki complete with a color page.

♔ → drap has a new gijinka anthology coming out with a pretty amazing mangaka lineup. The names that stand out most for me are Ootsuki Miu, Jaryuu Dokuro, Yamanaka Hiko, Yamada Torico, Mai, Coga Mayumi, Yamamoto Kotetsuko, etc. but there are a lot of different names so I recommend clicking the link since I’m sure there will be many who interest you as well.

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6 responses to “Snippets 020”

  1. Abscondite says :

    Wow. Lucky Number 13 looks like it’s going to be a fun read! /o/

    I’m sad about that shota magazine. Bad taste, bad taste. =(

    • ふう子 says :

      It is, it is! It’s super sweet and silly. The perfect pick-me-up type of fluff story. :3

      It really is. I love Junet for their dirty BL anthologies that aren’t afraid to be hardcore and weird, but a hardcore shota anthology is just WAY too much at this point in time. They really should have rethought the decision to release a book like this and at least pushed it back to be released at a much later date when BL manga isn’t under the spotlight for being immoral and perverted. It’s just a completely perplexing situation.

      • Abscondite says :

        Say, you know… I was wondering how you’re planning to purchase your NatsuComi doujinshi? Do you typically just go through those Yahoo! auctions, or is there a website/store? Ugh… so complicated lol.

        I guess we’ll be waiting to hear more fall out from the shota mag… I hope you’ll keep us updated? I’m all for pushing the envelope, but this might’ve been the wrong way to go about it. I’d like to hear from those mangaka in the mag… I mean, they must’ve known what they were getting into and have something to say too? Ugh. I just don’t even.

        • ふう子 says :

          For NatsuComi I’m going to buy off toranoana for everything that’s actually posted there. (Since a lot of doujinka don’t post to toranoana, so not everything will be available on there.) Here is toranoana’s ‘Princess Side’ site. After that I’ll probably buy off auction sites for all the other books I want, or pretty much anywhere I can find them for a price that doesn’t make me want to cry rofl.

          Sure, I’ll post about it if I see any more information. I don’t know how many fujoshi will speak out about it (since most of them will just protest by flat-out not buying it) but if I see anyone else saying something interesting about it or maybe some writing from the publisher or mangaka I’ll definitely update about it. Hopefully, though, it won’t turn into a big huge dramatic mess.

  2. Darklight says :

    Awwww, I’m dying to buy Est Em’s DJs~~~~ Especially that equus series – even thought at first I found the idea of centaur sex and threesome with a human quite strange, now I’m totally intrigued by this story *_* Too bad sensei’s DJs are kinda hard to come by…

    As for Omocha Pierce… Dunno… Maybe the free vibe is the biggest problem here…? I mean, based on the two preview pages it’s nothing special, really, just (high-)school boys with adult guys – I’ve seen more childlike characters in regular BL, and not just once or twice ._. Okay, it can be that they chose such pics intentionally XD; Anyway, without seeing the whole mag I can’t really judge this matter, especially since regular shota is usually aimed at guys, and it has been very popular in the last years, so on the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised if Junet wanted to milk some money from that crowd. But yeah, without knowing what the mag is like, it’s hard to decide what’s going on here ^^

    • ふう子 says :

      I’ve never read an original doujinshi by Est Em so I’d be really interested in seeing them as well. Sadly, like you said, her doujinshi seem hard to get and all my money is always snatched up by my other favorite authors. orz;;

      Yeah, I can’t really lay on proper judgment either since I haven’t bought the book and read it. For all I know, the ‘shota’ label it’s been given could just be because of the cover. And BL is definitely known for often having stories with boys who can be quite young. (Middle school age, etc.) So it really depends on the content itself. If it’s regular Junet content it’s not that bad at all—just really hardcore. But yeah, I think one of the bigger issues could definitely be giving away a sex toy with the purchase of the book.

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