HertZ band 39

HertZ is always something worth getting excited about, in my opinion. I believe this book packs a ton of talent into an incredibly intimidating amount of pages. Unlike most anthologies (which all tend to cost the same), I really feel like I’m always getting my money’s worth when I buy HertZ. But that also means it takes forever to read. Huge, intimidating book is absolutely huge and intimidating. For this volume, you can set three tankoubon next to it and it’s still around half a tanko thicker.

Because of that, though, I must apologize in advance—I’m going to skip a bunch of this book by artists I don’t particularly like or just didn’t read because I don’t have the other chapters, etc. I feel like if I tried to read this entire book I would just be too overwhelmed and never finish this. So.

Warning for R-18 content due to a few stories ending in this volume with very lovely sex scenes. Also, SPOILER ALERT for those who are waiting on the scanlations for series like Aiso Tsukashi.

First off! The final chapter of Aiso Tsukashi!

This chapter ahhhhh. Sawaragi. ;w; He loves Shuuya so much. I was so ecstatic when he barged in and beat the shit out of that bastard and saved Shuuya. And then they went home and had hot, passionate sex and then lived happily ever after with the two of them and a cat. It was pretty much the best fluff ending ever. I’m so happy for Shuuya and Sawaragi—they finally really have that special someone.

Anyway, the advertisement page at the end claims that the tankoubon will be released in early December! Please look forward to that.

After that is chapter five of Kinoshita Keiko’s manga Koyoi Omae to.

It at least seems like Wakui will consider Rikurou’s feelings—like maybe there’s a tiny part of him that can’t turn away from his friend. Is it love? Let’s hope. Poor Rikurou seems so stressed and conflicted by everything. Boo.

Then is the final (/sad face) chapter of Matsumoto Meicohouse’s Sawatte mo Ii ka na. I am sad to see this series end because I really enjoyed it but it had a rather nice ending so I can’t really complain.

Shirou finally made his decision between Mako and Masami. Even in the final chapter it was such a push-and-pull type relationship between them. Every time Masami pursued Shirou, Shirou would push him away again; every time Shirou reached out to Masami, Masami would retreat. But finally Masami told Shirou that he can’t have both—he can’t have Mako and still play with Masami’s feelings. If he really loved Masami, he would have to break it off with Mako and come to terms with the fact that they’re both men. Which is what Shirou did. And then there was MatsoMieco’s signature super-sweet, gentle H scene. Really brilliant. ;A; I am only sad there was no mention of an upcoming tankoubon release.

After that we skip to Mieno Saori’s joint story with Riwo, Hakumokuren ga Saita nara. This is seriously one of my favorite stories of everything currently running. So deliciously dramatic and angst-filled. I can’t get enough.

However, I feel so horrible for male!Nagi 99% of the time. He really seems to be falling for Masaki, and Masaki is still caught up on the sister male!Nagi is supposed to be portraying. So Masaki is lavishing male!Nagi with love and attention but none of it is really meant for him at all. But all the while, Masaki is still drawn to male!Nagi whenever he is out of costume—even when he smiles while dressed as a boy, Masaki’s heart flutters as if he’s seeing who he believes is female!Nagi. Is it just because they’re twins? Or is male!Nagi the one he really truly loves, regardless of the fact that Masaki has been under the impression that he’s in love with the female twin? And what will he do when he finds out the twins’ dirty little secret?

Suuuuuuuch an interesting series, I’m really obsessed! Lucky for me, since I missed the first chapter, volume one will be released October 1st. SO EXCITED. Seriously seriously seriously excited!

Then is Kanai Kei. To be honest I didn’t really read this story very closely at all—just glanced through the panels. But I would have felt bad skipping her story completely.

Well. The sex scene was interesting? Sorry lmao I had no idea what was going on.

Some advertisements for upcoming tankoubon releases. In order: Mieno Saori/Riwo, Yamada Shiro, Okuyama Puku.

After that is a story by Towa, Megane-kun no Shukumei.

The general premise seemed to be that the megane boy, Katou, got glasses at a young age and, because of them, everyone assumes that he’s very intelligent—however, it couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s actually pretty stupid. His tests are always covered in red marks. Anyway, during remedial classes he meets a fellow idiot named Shibuya and a bond is formed. Very cute, and Shibuya is the perfect hetare seme type. Also, I must say that Towa’s art is sooooo adorable. I absolutely love it.

Then is a chapter by Komizu Kiyo.

This threw me off because it’s not a continuation chapter for her story from the previous volume. I’m not sure what to think of that, since I was looking forward to the next chapter of that story. But if I recall correctly she’ll be in the next issue as well so hopefully that will be the continuation I was hoping for. But in the mean time, this story had Komizu’s gorgeous art and some sexy stolen kisses so I can’t really complain too much.

Ogasawara Uki’s Black Sun is up next. The intro of a new young male character??

Actually, I have no clue since I didn’t read it. But they were rolling around in bed so it felt necessary to include at least one picture.

Skip a bit more and we have Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s lovely story Mud Cinderella. I was expecting yet more with the characters from Mankai Darling so an entire new series was a happy surprise.

This seems like a cute story—Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s signature cute humor. The general idea is that two childhood friends, Sakuichi and Ryouta, come from two very different backgrounds. Saku is a son from a rich and distinguished family. Ryouta, on the other hand, comes from a pitiful poor household that struggles through life. I will have to reread this properly, though, with a kanji pad because I did not understand the last 1/3 of the chapter as well as I would have liked. orz;;; Sorry about that. Something about Ryouta needing to work to go to school and so he leaves Saku behind and then the chapter ends with Saku finally finding him again??

Advertisement for Chu Chun ga Chun volume two:

After that is Hayakawa Nojiko, who I had never heard of previously. But she pretty much captured my heart.

This is a somewhat tension-filled, slow-moving story that I sadly didn’t really get?? Yeah, another one I’ll have to reread. But it’s about two boys named Tsuda and Endou. A girl, Chiba, suddenly takes an interest in Tsuda because he’s the only one who seems to get along even remotely well with Endou, and she wants Tsuda’s help in setting up her friend Chihiro with Endou since she has liked him for a long while. Tsuda and Endou aren’t exactly super close—it’s just that Tsuda talked to Endou about music, something he’s passionate about, and so he cracked through Endou’s shell. However, even if he does set Endou up with Chihiro and fulfill his role, Tsuda will regret it—because lately he’s been finding himself fascinated with the quiet, gloomy boy as well.

But yeah. That’s about all I really got and I probably messed up on a few details. But I really liked the mood of this story a lot. Hayakawa’s art is really interesting and pretty much just my type, and the characters are all likable and fun to watch interact. Seems like it will be a really great story! I love how it ended with the most freakishly random make-out scene between Tsuda and Endou—as if they’d both secretly been pining after each other and just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Fantastic.

Following that is Konjiki Runa’s super short chapter for Hana no Arashi wa. Like, seriously short. Only sixteen including the front page.

Kigano is still excelling at being an insecure whore and breaking Shinotsuki’s heart.

Then is Moto Haruko’s story Byousoku Zero Mile.

My lack of understanding from the previous chapter has overtaken my ability to read this one and I still am not really sure what the plot is. Still something with some land and Taichi’s adoptive father and an attractive, friendly stranger idk idk. But I still love Taichi’s character design. Very pretty.

After that we get chapter two of Kojima Lalako’s Neko no Yomeiri.

I CRIED READING THIS CHAPTER. Granted, I am a total cry-baby but I usually don’t cry much at all when I’m reading seperate chapters for a story in a slow order—because then you don’t really get the full impact so it’s not as sad. But Dorasuke is starting to disappear. ;w; Even though he’s trying to hold back from becoming too intimate with Yukiharu so they can stay together, Torasuke keeps having moments where it seems like he’s fading. And then he sees Yukiharu with others and thinks Yukiharu would be fine in a world without him, and it’s all just horrible and sad. ;A; It ends with Dorasuke crying all by himself and looking so empty and just ;dlsgjsd;gljdfgl;fg bawww I’m going to cry again.

ANYWAY. Another dramatic chapter and the last story I’ll be talking about (actually, the last story from this book…) is Ogura Muku with chapter three of her manga Doko e mo Yukenai Ki ga Shiteta.

Okay so they seem to maybe mutually like each other. And even if Haishima doesn’t necessarily reciprocate romantically or sexually the interest is definitely there. Now if only they’d actually, you know, talk to each other. But now more drama has gone down in the classroom as the paper with Haishima’s name scribbled all over it was found and Haishima freaked out trying to get it back and ended up shoving down and injuring one of his classmates in the process. To be continued~*~

The POP image for Furueru Yoru just because I can rofl.

Onto the next issue:

Kinoshita Keiko has the next cover! Also, Mieno Saori gets a color insert. *A* So gorgeous. As for the upcoming line-up: there’s more Ogura Muku, which is surprising since she seems to have an ‘every other issue’ rule. Then there’s also more Konno Satomi, which was missing from this book so hnnggg cannot wait! There’s also more Kojima Lalako (final chapter?), Komizu Kiyo, Konjiki Runa, SHOOWA, Moto Haruko, Yamamoto Kotetsuko, etc. Released the same day as the Mieno Saori/Riwo tankoubon.

Look forward to it!

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4 responses to “HertZ band 39”

  1. connie says :

    Another awesome review!! Thanks for the Aiso Tsukashi spoiler!! I’m just sad that it doesn’t go on longer. But, a great ending nonetheless. :) Yes, and there’s definitely a quiet cadence to Ogura Muku’s work in Hertz, and I like it so far!

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha thank you! Yeah, I was thinking Aiso Tsukashi would be long as well but I suppose they wouldn’t want to drag it on for too long. It wrapped up quite well, so I’m happy.

  2. Kery says :

    OOOH. Definitely buying the next issue <3

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