Snippets 019

♔ → Aside from the Sexual Harassment Salaryman anthology, Hanaoto has various other releases in September—including a release by Honjou Rie titled Himitsu no Yoasobi. Sounds dirty. These will all be released on the 29th.

♔ → Takarai Saki’s Second Life, previously published in LYNX magazine, will be released on August 24th. Takarai Saki’s art is as gorgeous as ever, so I’ll be waiting excitedly for that cover to be posted.

♔ → August 30th Natsume Isaku and CJ Michalski will be getting tankoubon through Dear+ titled Sugar Code and Kawaiko-chan respectively. The cover for Natsume Isaku’s has already been posted to Then a month later on September 30th Aoi Levin will have a book released titled LOST CAT and Nishida Higashi will have a book titled Division.

♔ → September 10th through GUSH COMICS Kitabeppu Nica, Narazaki Neneko and Fumizuki Atsuyo will all be releasing books. Actually, Narazaki Neneko will be releasing two. Kitabeppu’s tankoubon will be titled Amai Shokutaku, Fumizuki’s is Tabun Motto Suki ni Naru, and Narazaki Neneko’s are Suki Nanda Baby and Enren Typhoon. (Not sure about that last one, sorry. orz;;;)

♔ → Yamanaka Hiko’s wildly popular book Ouji to Kotori will be getting a drama release. More information can be found here at Hanaoto’s site. The CD does not seem to have a proper set release date quite yet.

♔ → Speaking of Hanaoto, the September cover was posted to their website.

♔ → The covers for those GATEAU releases have been posted to amazon: Pepu, Kumonosuke and Hideyoshiko. Still very tempted by Kumonosuke and Hideyoshiko. Also, the other two releases for next month have already been added to amazon as pre-order pages: Takaoka Nanaroku’s Te wo Tsunaide Koi wo and Tashi’s Inu to Watashi.

♔ → Supposedly Citron Comics will be releasing another anthology aside from their first self-titled series. You can see more information at their upcoming release page. The title is currently listed as Moshi Mukibutsu ga Ningen ni Natta Koi wo Shitara. Kind of weird but sounds like it could be interesting. We’ll just have to wait and see.

♔ → There is a Nanami interview up on Chill Chill. You can view it here. For those who don’t know, Nanami just recently released her debut tankoubon, Kiken na Otonarisan, through Daria. Her art style is very pretty and she writes cute stories; here’s to wishing her a great career!

♔ → BExBOY’s October release is pretty fabulous: volume six of Kotobuki Tarako’s Sex Pistols, volume two of Nekota Yonezou’s Hidoku Shinaide, Ike Reibun’s Not Equal, Kuku Hayate’s Joujin and volume one of Shuusai Fumiko’s Hoshigarimasen Shuukaku made wa.

♔ → Who left Aoi Seri an English message? Any of you? Because I didn’t haha. I kind of wish I did now, though. /not jealous or anything okay Anyway, her art is still looking as gorgeous as always. The amount of excitement within me every time she updates is maybe pathetic.

♔ → Konjiki Runa posted her NatsuComi doujinshi covers. They are absolutely stunning, as would be expected from something produced by Konjiki Runa.

♔ → Also, a while back Kojima Lalako posted about her upcoming releases for HertZ and then JUNK!BOY. As you will see when I finally post the HertZ review, her latest chapter broke my heart! Damn it. ;w; I literally cried lmao. But does anyone who reads my blog happen to buy JUNK!BOY? Is it any good? I’m thinking I want this latest issue, considering the amazing mangaka in the lineup.

♔ → Not necessarily BL-related, but Aniya Yuiji has an illustration in the latest issue of Young Love Comic aya, a shoujo smut magazine. I am excited but I don’t think it would be a good idea just to but a shoujo smut magazine just for one page rofl. Please let this be released in a tankoubon of some sort! Or at least maybe in a doujinshi? I’m not picky! (Also, nice cover by Nangoku Banana.)

♔ → The pop-up advertisement illustration for Okuyama Puku’s upcoming tankoubon release was finally posted to CRAFT’s series page. It’s pretty adorable so you should definitely check it out.

♔ → Comic Magazine LYNX was released a few days ago, and they have already updated their site with information for the latest and upcoming books. The Katase Waka color page is pretty much my new favorite thing ever. Cute boy in a wedding dress?? I AM SO THERE, SIGN ME UP. Also, if you look to the right side of the site you’ll see they added two new tankoubon previews. Make sure to check those out as well!

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