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Day 35: a BL manga pairing you wish would have happened instead of the canon couple
Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku by Minami Haruka

I actually dropped this manga because I got so frustrated by the relationships. It was possibly the only time I really honestly hated the “uke + seme” part of BL manga. I wanted those two first-year students to stay together. I thought it would be a cute manga if they would have fought for their love and kicked those obnoxious sexual-harassing senpai to the curb. But no. They were two ‘uke’ characters and the senpai were two ‘seme’ and so god forbid the two first-years stay together.

And then it got to the point where they were all “oh yeah we were never actually in love—we’re just friends!” which is just. Ahhhh. Yeah I sleep with my friends all the time jfc. 8| So irritating. I hate reading Minami Haruka’s long stories because I get too emotionally invested in the characters and relationships and they never end the way I want them to.

But I actually watched Koki’s playthrough of the Kohitsuji PS2 game where he made the two first-years end up together so it’s all good. :> I’ll just pretend that game is the manga’s canon as well lmao. Plus it was more fun because I got to listen to his commentary.


5 responses to “35DoBM: FINAL”

  1. Abscondite says :

    Whaaaaaaaat? There’s a game that goes along with this? Where can I watch the playthrough by Koki?

    LOL I think I actually QCed or proofread the later chapters without knowing the ukes were together in the first place. It’s a shame they didn’t stay together. I love her ukes… and the later stuff was pretty smutty as well, even if those semes were bastards. =/

    • ふう子 says :

      There is. /o/ I almost bought it but it’s out of print on most game sites so I’d end up paying some stupid over-priced amount on an auction. orz;; But yes, you can watch Koki’s playthrough here. All you need is a nico douga account. His commentary is v. cute—supposedly he’s bisexual and he records himself playing otome/BL games.

      I agree, I think her uke characters are always so cuuuuute. It’s a shame her seme characters are often jackasses rofl. I love reading her work for the smut but I have to avoid getting emotionally connected to her characters.

  2. Darklight says :

    Thank you very much, this meme was a great :D Though our tastes differ at many points, it’s fun to read about what others like. I’ll definitely do this on my LJ, but I’m currently hung up on the first two questions – probably the most difficult ones to answer XD;

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you for reading it! If you ever do it you should definitely let me know! And yeah, the two first questions are somewhat difficult haha. Luckily they were easy for me if only because I’m such a sucker for Aniya Yuiji.

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