drap 09/10

Here it is—the issue that I was stressing over for days and days; the issue that seemed almost as if it wasn’t going to be released this month; the September issue of drap. But this issue was something worth getting excited about, because it has Jaryuu Dokuro! /o/ Which I already touched on. Also, Yamada Torico who I have recently become somewhat obsessed with. Two center color illustrations by two artists I love. What’s not to get excited over?

As always, disclaimer for R-18 images. Do not click the cut if you are underage or cannot take sexually explicit imagery. Also, I apologize for the lighting—I usually try to take the pictures in early afternoon sunlight but today I fell asleep. orz;; Getting up early every day to wait for FedEx wears a fujoshi down.

This month’s poster is Chidori Peko! :D Yet another thing worth getting excited over, as it’s always nice to see more work by her.

If you want to see a more ‘full’ version of it, it’s here.

Then there’s another exciting thing from drap’s top color insert for their teaser for the next issue.

:D!!! But we’ll touch on that more at the end rofl.

First story was Umezawa Hana. I don’t think it’s related to Ai to Yokubou?? But I took a picture of the color insert for anyone interested.

Her art is quite pretty but I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by her… orz; Perhaps I should do that later.

Advertisement for Kusama Sakae’s tankoubon release for this month! \o/ SO EXCITE. There is always room in my wallet for more Kusama Sakae.

Takagi Ryou oneshot. The first thing I have ever read by this author! I felt so accomplished lmao.

Kousaka Akiho oneshot. It feels like it’s been a really really reaaaaally long time since I read something new from her. It had a rather nice in-shower sex scene.

Hyuuga Seiryou’s second and final part of that battling ossan salaryman story. Love troubles in the form of being too tsundere.

Some more images from Jaryuu Dokuro’s new story. /o/ Gahhhhhhh so good.

Advertisement for Moto Haruko’s early September tankoubon release.

rofl this one is from a story by Okuda Nanao. Really cute. It’s about two young men who were good friends when they were little over a shared adoration of all things cute. Now they’re older and one friend is worrying that they’ll grow apart and is also dealing with the realization that he’s in love with his friend. Seems like it’ll be a cute story. *w*

A short by Midoriyama Youko. /o/ Because I thought the character designs were pretty haha.

A new oneshot by Hanamoto Chiyako with a cute, interesting story: Mitsu has the worst boyfriend ever—he’s lazy, blunt and doesn’t seem to care much about anyone other than himself. That is, however, until he gets hit in the head with a baseball. Then he becomes the best boyfriend ever, making dinner and breakfast, showering Mitsu with adoration and kisses. But when his boyfriend starts being super sweet to everyone and Mitsu no longer feels special or loved, he can’t help but want his old boyfriend back.

I like her previous drap story a bit more but this one is also pretty cute. *w*

Yamada Torico’s new story. *w* I didn’t understand it as well as I would have liked but the general idea is that two step brothers live alone together with much awkward sexual tension and unsaid feelings. The next chapters seems like it’ll be delicious.

Not exactly sure what this is for but ehehe Aniya Yuiji’s name under ‘Special Writers’. :>

Advertisement for Hino Garasu’s debut tankoubon!! This should be here in the mail for me tomorrow. I am definitely super super excited.

Then Hino Garasu had a new oneshot, which I really liked. It’s about two university students who realize they next-door to each other when Shirosaki has a somewhat obvious break-up with a man in his doorway while Tomiura is coming home. Tomiura then asks Shirosaki if he’s gay and when Shirosaki admits that he is, Tomiura then admits that he’s gay as well. Thus, they slowly get closer. The movement in their relationship is so pretty. It goes from slight verbal hints to soft touches to cuddling to that fierce possessiveness that BL manga fandom has captured so well.

By Yoshizuka Mayako, another cute story. *A* I really like her art. Anyway it’s about two boys who’ve been friends since childhood and were supposedly mutually in love and then started dating in high school, but their relationship never really moved up to sexual or romantic. Then they meet again later on when they’re older and perhaps still have the same feelings for each other.

Actually, I haven’t read this story yet….. orz;; But I thought the art was interesting. By Kurosaka Omi.

A second chapter by Amemori Gigi. \o/ A continuation of her previous oneshot. In this one the relationship seems less like blatant blackmail and more like true mutual feelings.

THE NEXT ISSUE OF DRAP AHHHHH. I AM SO EXCITED. *A* The only way it could be even better is if Aniya Yuiji had come back for the next issue as well. Here is a super big picture just so you can see all the awesome in full size. And OOTSUKI MIU IS BACK. FINALLY. Finally finally finally! ;A; She was absent from the last four issues of drap and I was so lonely without her. Plus not only is she back, but it’s a continuation of Ouji Hiroimashita. So after this (which is sdl;gjs;dlgjs yes yes yessssss exciting) there will probably be a tankoubon release and then… *A* YES. MORE OOTSUKI MIU.

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4 responses to “drap 09/10”

  1. AzureKitsune says :

    WHOOO!!! Upcoming tank from Ootsuki coming soon!? I’m so excited, eee~!!! *dances in seat*

    And now I’m curious on a few more mangaka now. |D

    • ふう子 says :

      That’s what I’m hoping! /o/ I think she’ll definitely have enough content for an Ouji Hiroimashita tankoubon if there are two or so more chapter. It feels like it’s been way too long since she’s released a new book (only one so far this year, I think?? which isn’t much for Ootsuki Miu…) so I’ll be very pleased to see another one.

      Haha which ones? Perhaps I can show you more stuff by them and get you hooked. :D :D :D

      • AzureKitsune says :

        Yeah, Melancholic Mellow Mellow is her only tankoubon release this year (unfortunately).

        Uh.. *looks back at the thread*:

        -Chidori Peko
        -Umezawa Hana (that is her name, right??)
        -Moto Haruko (I’m just insanely curious based on that one pic. orz)
        -Okuda Nanao
        -Yamada Torico
        -Hino Garasu

        That took up most of the book didn’t it? |D

        • ふう子 says :

          Perhaps last year was such a huge work year for her that she has enough money to take it easy this year. orz;; Hopefully she’s getting a little rest in.

          For Chidori Peko and Yamada Torico, I’ve posted scans for them on my LJ comm. Yamda Torico also has two stories that I tried to explain in detail in my Canna reviews: here and here.

          Umezawa Hana I don’t recall having read anything by, but she has two works completely scanlated: 24 Jikan Kiss Dekinai (Nakama) and Damasaretemo Suki na Hito (Liquid Passion). However, her most popular and longest series is Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de, which just released its tenth volume and is supposedly still ongoing.

          Hino Garasu has been on the scene for a while but just recently released her first tankoubon two days ago. Two of her oneshots (connected) have been scanlated by Blissful Sin: Beautiful Days & Photograph.

          Okuda Nanao actually has three licensed works: Rinjin wo Aisou, Honey/Chocolate & Dareka wo Suki na Hito. Most of her works have not been touched by scanlators.

          Then there is Moto Haruko who has so far released two tankoubon with a third one on the way. Nakama is scanlating Amai Kimi ga Suki and Moon in a Box is scanlating Hug Kiss Akushu. iirc MIAB also recently picked up Moto Haruko’s latest BexBoy story.


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