Citron Web Update

Okay so I believe I mentioned on a snippets post or something before that Citron was planning on adding some goodies to their site in the coming months, mostly in the form of computer accessories. Anyway, Aniya Yuiji tweeted today about updating her site so I went to her site hoping she’d updated where all she’ll be listing her upcoming doujinshi for sale. However, she did not update that section. (Boo!) BUT!! She did announce her stuff that’s up on Citron’s site, so I went to take a look and tadahhhh~ This is my current desktop background:


Anyway, there are a bunch of different desktop accessories:

Screen savers: Morozumi Sumitomo & Momoyama Naoko
Desktop calendar: Aniya Yuiji’s Citron fudanshi
Mouse pointers: Citron fudanshi
Desktop wallpapers: Jaryuu, Aniya, Kitabeppu, Kusama, Kumota

Personally I think the Kitabeppu Nica one is reaaaaally cute. If I weren’t such a whore for Aniya Yuiji I would definitely use that one since the design is so adorable and the color is fantastic. Also, if anyone changes their mouse pointer over to the fudanshi one please let me know what you think! I was considering it but I’ve only ever used the default mouse so I worry that I’d get annoyed with a different pointer. Bleh. The Citron fudanshi mouse pointer is very tempting, though.

Anyway, if you like any of them I recommend you save them! You never know when they’re going to be replaced or taken down, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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2 responses to “Citron Web Update”

  1. angie says :

    I used to have Ichigo (Bleach) as my mouse pointer (not that I’m a big fan, I just wanted something different) and I didn’t find it annoying at all XD but I bought a new laptop and I’ve been using the default pointer since (1 year +), now I find the Citron pointer distracting -.-;; Maybe its gonna take a while to adjust..Btw I chose Aoi…its pretty cute imo :3

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha yeah it seems like it would take a while to adjust to something like that. Let me know if you start to like it more after a while! I was thinking I’d want to go with Kuroda but I’m still not sure haha.

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