35DoBM: Day 32

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Day 32: a BL manga that’s the best of the best in your favorite sub-genre
Nobara by Kumota Haruko

Actually I cheated—technically my favorite BL sub-genre is ‘real gay’ stories, where it’s still BL but within the context of BL the character is acknowledged as homosexual and has to deal with the troubles of being gay in modern society. But I would have just been recycling the easiest answer: anything by Yamashita Tomoko.

But since that’s boring and because I don’t want to recycle answers and because I haven’t mentioned Nobara yet, I figured “what the hell!” because I do adore kozure-type stories. They have so much potential for extreme fluff, and even het relationships often have troubles when a single person with a child wants to break back into the dating scene. Plus the children are soooo cute. Mone is an adorable little girl, Kanda a doting father whose wife left him after he came out to her as gay, and then there’s attractive Take who can’t help but become curious about Kanda after he finds out he’s gay—and becomes attracted to him as a result. It’s pretty much a big mish-mash of my favorite parts of the kozure sub-genre.

However, kozure is becoming really popular lately! So perhaps there will be one that comes along later that will be valid competition next to Kumota Haruko’s masterpiece. :9

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6 responses to “35DoBM: Day 32”

  1. Kery says :

    But you do know that in cases of divorce in Japan, the wife gets custody of the child almost every single time?

    So kozure stories, though adorable, don’t really cut it with me most of the time unless there’s a fantastic reason why the husband got the child in the end – like the wife walked out, or died, or something.

    I wonder if you’ve read “Tonari no Kare” by Kinoshita Keiko… that’s a kozure story with a slight twist.

    • ふう子 says :

      In Nobara iirc they pretty much explained it as that she didn’t want the child of some homo anymore and thus just walked out on their family without looking back. So I don’t think there was anything about custody battles and such—she just flat-out no longer wanted Mone.

      And yeah, I have read that one. But it was quite a while back, so I don’t remember much about it.

  2. Kei says :

    /ridiculously happy to hear that kozure stories are picking up in popularity > >;

    btw, have you ever checked out ‘Dekichatta Danshi’ by Mikage Tsubaki? (idk, maybe I even found out about it through your tumblr…). It’s not exactly kozure but two highschoolers have to look after a baby and it’s kind of crazy comedy cuteness.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha it’s totally something worth getting excited over.

      I haven’t! At least, I don’t think I have. Thank you for the recommendation; it sounds cute so I’ll have to check it out. :D

  3. Darklight says :

    My all-time fave kozure story is Kozure Ookami by Satou Inoue <3333333 Sensei is drawing more manly, burning hot adult guys, and the story is great too *A*
    I guess kozure really is pushing the kifujins' buttons, so it might be even more popular later. My theory is, that there are more adult, married fujoshi now, who grew up with BL, and this might be one of the genres to cater to their interests. But that's just a random thought, since manga with kids is generally more popular now – like Flat, My Girl, Gakuen Babysitters and so on…

    • ふう子 says :

      Oooh I really love that one as well! *A* The two dad’s are so sexy and I love their weird combativeness at the beginning of their relationship haha. Plus Inoue Satou’s art is really just gorgeous—especially the H scenes.

      Hm yes that seems like it would make sense that there are more and more older fujoshi who’re moving on in life with children and husbands and such who don’t necessarily want to kick the BL habit. And I’ve noticed that about manga fandom as well (and I definitely don’t mind haha); there really are a lot of popular manga lately dealing with raising and getting to know young children.

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