35DoBM: Day 30 & 31

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Day 30: favorite overused BL manga plot device
I love love looooooove childhood friends turned lovers. It is totally my favorite type of story—especially if they’re still in high school and so they’re all awkward and unsure of themselves and it’s sooo cute. I just love it. I could read a million stories like this in ONE day and not get sick of it. But ones that come to mind as my favorites are stuff like Kyuugou’s Bokura ni Matsuwaru Etcetera, Aniya Yuiji’s Me wo Tojite 3byou, and chapters four and five or Jaryuu Dokuro’s Sugaru Milk. Stories like that = absolute perfection for me.

Day 31: least favorite overused BL manga plot device
Perfect, suave, jackass rich businessman seme woos unsuspecting, sweet, naive uke into a relationship and pretty much is a huge asshole and is abusive and douche-bag-y and gross. I hate this type of story. I just spend the whole time reading it being all “bawww poor uke! ;w; Please just leave him already and find a nice guy who’ll treat you right!!!” I do not understand the appeal in abusive jackass characters, I’m sorry. They are just so totally “do not want” for me. Especially if they don’t even have a pitiful reason to be an asshole, like a hard upbringing in an uncaring family or something. Gross!

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7 responses to “35DoBM: Day 30 & 31”

  1. white_meat says :

    oh yeeeeaaaahhh…childhoodfriends get lovers…never get rid of it
    *laugh* you just listed my favourite mangas/chapters XD

  2. connie says :

    LOL, I have to say that I kinda love the “S” type of seme/male characters ( in both straight and BL)!! And I kinda like it when they’re assholes! But they have to have a compelling backstory as to why they’re such jerks. And eventually, I’d want them to settle down and become lovey dovey and very tsundere. -_-;;

    • ふう子 says :

      haha everyone has their preferences. XD But yeah, I don’t mind them so much if they see the error of their ways later on and start being more gentle/loving. I just can’t stand it when there’s no character development and the asshole-ish-ness is glamorized and never goes away. orz;;

  3. angie says :

    gyaah~ I loooooove childhood friend turned lovers plot too! In fact, I’d read any genre as long as it involves such plot (ok scratch that. cept hentai XD)

  4. Kadek Narita says :

    excuse me to interupt, but is BL manga means yaoi manga too?
    U mention my favorite mangaka, kyuugou, but the truth is I just follow this kind of manga (yaoi) recently, and yes I think I’m addicted now. Just wonder from the image that U upload, what is the name of the manga?
    Thank you…^-^

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