35DoBM: Day 28

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Day 28: a BL manga you read that was just plain weird
69 by Shimada Masako

The art is SO cute but I remember being so confused reading this. Maybe if I read it again it would make sense. But it was like, are they in love with each other? Are they in love with other people? Weren’t they not actually related…? Eh? It doesn’t help that only up to a certain extent was scanlated, so half the questions I had were never answered. Now it’s been so long since I read it that I don’t even remember what confused me so much in the first place. I wonder if I could find it in Japanese and if would make any more sense if I just read the entire thing.

But seriously, the art is adorable.


2 responses to “35DoBM: Day 28”

  1. Kei says :

    The art is really cute and I’ve checked out the scans, but apparently the story is still incomplete and unlikely to be finished. The summary sounds very interesting though.

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